100 Baby Challenge Trait Mods Mod

100 Baby Challenge Trait Mods Mod

Do you want to make the 100 Baby Challenge go by a little bit fast? How about a little bit FASTER? How about the FASTEST IT CAN POSSIBLY BE?

This is a set of 6 mods you can use to actually SPEED UP your 100 Baby Challenge. I know, I know…mods are “frowned” upon during this challenge, but what if you’re impatient? What if you have ADHD and have difficulty paying attention for that long? What if the world is about to end and you want to do one last Sims challenge before you reach Nirvana (okay, so maybe the Sims exists in the world beyond–who knows)?

Well…this mod set can do that for you.

What Does The Mod Do?
This mod will speed up the challenge for you by basically decreasing the amount of time it takes for you to:
A): Build Skills
B): Build Relationships
C): Spend your precious time eating, sleeping, needing fun, or social interactions to keep your Sims happy.

Why Are There Three Files, 6 Traits Total?
You can download all of them but you can put ONLY ONE trait set or “flavor” at a time, not all three. The three flavors are:
FAST = All skills, relationships, and need gain sped up by 2
FASTER = All skills, relationships, and need gain sped up by 5
FASTEST = All skills, relationships, and need gain sped up by 10

The Sim Trait
The Sim trait will be applicable to the queen Baby Mama herself or any of the future matriarchs. It will speed up their ability to learn, romance, and gain health. The Baby Mama trait includes a constantly Flirty buff so she can easily “get it on” with any donors.

The Lot Trait
I thought it kind of harrowing and exhausting for y’all to have to add a “Spawn” (of Satan har har) trait to ALL of the children of the 100 Baby Challenge so I thought, why not a lot trait? It applies to all the Sims on the lot! Therefore, all of your lovely babies/children/teens will have the ability to learn at incredible speeds, remain energized (the lot trait includes the constantly Energized buff) throughout the day to get their tasks and homework done, and remain healthy…and out of the grubby hands of Social Workers.

Tasteful Mod Pairings:
If you want to speed up the time it takes for your Sim to actually have babies, I suggest you download MCCCommand Center! Or Wicked Whims…your call.

What Game Will This Work With?
This is a mod that will work with BASE GAME, so I’ve made it very simple and there is no need for any additional packs.


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