Give Massage Services and Earn Money! Mod

Give Massage Services and Earn Money! Mod

I have wanted my girl to be a masseuse and make a living by giving massage services for a very long time since Spa Day is one of my favorite DLCs. There are some similar careers on the internet, but they are not what I am looking for, so I pay some time to make the dream “job” come to the game, though it’s not a real job, it works like a real job.

The mod will give you some new interactions which could let your sims charge the customers(NPCs) money, the results vary from different situations, and if your sim is not polite to the NPCs, they won’t choose you and be your customers.

Spa Day

(you can check the Chinese description on my Patreon>> )
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Spanish translation by ATheduchess

1)You need the new Professional Massage Table & Chair (you can find it in the spa day tag) to do the job.

2) Both the Table and the Chair could be put in the sim’s personal inventory, with the table and chair in the inventory, your sim can travel to many other places and give the massage services. You can do it at home of course, if you want someone passing by in the street to be your customer, you have to invite them in or group them together with you.

Never go to the gym or spa lot, as the game will spawn an NPC and “rob” your work tool.

3)I don’t suggest you to put the Table out of the lot(off lot), cause the interaction would be regarded as invalid by the game, however, the chair could be put out of the lot and work properly, I don’t know why and I have spent hours finding the solutions, I failed, maybe it is because the sims need to change their clothes in the lot and it would be impossible for them to change the clothes in somewhere like the volcano mountain top.

4)If you want to give a service, you have to talk to your customer first, no one will choose you if you don’t introduce yourself to them and you can’t choose someone leaving to be your customer, it obvious, they have no time to have the massage( You can choose them in the picker menu, but nothing would happen, don’t waste your time, the customer should be someone will stay in the lot for a very long time, like the household member or someone you invited to come to the lot).

5)The Professional Massage Chair has no skill required, but you have to talk to the customer first and then click the chair, there should be two new interactions show up, one is “(Charge)Give a Foot Massage Service” the other is “(Charge)Give a Hand Massage Service”.

The service fee varies from time to time, but it won’t less than 100 simoleons or more than 250 simoleons, check the notification it would tell you how much your sims got paid. (sometimes when your sims have a very good relationship with the customers, they will give them a discount autonomously.)

6)The Professional Massage Table has wellness skills required. When you reached the wellness skill level3, the “charge” interaction would be unlocked, you can give a body massage service and earn 400 simoleons per time, and after you reached level5, you might get more because you have experiences in selling the service.

7)The table works like a normal massage table and has added options to earn money, but the chair works like a normal sofa chair if you don’t use them to make money, I have deleted the original interaction of the chair since I want the pie menu look clean, they are all recolored by me.

8)I didn’t turn off the autonomous of the interactions, NPC may use your chair autonomously sometimes if you put it in the lot, I can turn it off, but I didn’t, because I always put my chair back in the inventory after I finished the work, it doesn’t bother me.

Download and put the .package file(s) into your Mods folder.

The chair was disappeared once when I was trying to drag it out of the inventory to the park lot, I know there is not enough room to fit it in, but I just don’t care, so I broke the chair and it disappeared. I suggest you let the sim place it in the world instead of dragging it out by your control because the chair needs more space than the table, we don’t know how to fit it in the lot, but the sims know.

If the chair doesn’t work properly or you can’t put the chair out, you should delete your localthumbcache.package, it should work properly.

TS4 XML Extractor by Scumbumbo


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