Perfumery Mod Mod

Perfumery Mod Mod

There are 14 different scents that each have different effects on moods. The effects also get applied to any sim that is talking to a sim that is wearing a scent (although not as strongly). Wearing a scent affects your sim for 4 hours, and it will affect sims they talk with for 30 minutes (since they can smell it too).

You make the perfume on your stove, and each recipe requires 6 flowers of a particular type. The bottles of perfume you make each hold 6 ‘doses’ of scent. You can remove a scent (and it’s effects) by bathing or swimming.

At Perfumery level 2, you can Analyze Scent on flower arrangements and flower bushes to gain Perfumery skill. There are also three skill books, and a small Perfume Display that can be placed in retail stores (or anywhere else) that has a purchase picker to buy the perfumes. If you shift click on it and have cheats on, you can also access a Buy Flowers picker that sells all the flowers needed for these scents.

The only scent you can make at first is Deodorant from Snowdrops. Once you gain the Perfumery skill, you will learn to make 1-2 new scents every level. With each level, the scent values goes up and the effects tend to be more pronounced.

Scent Recipes

Deodorant Scent
Improves hygiene. This one is not transmitted to others. Unfortunately.
Ingredients: 6 Snowdrop
Skill Level: 0
Base value: §100

Focusing Scent
Adds a +1 Focused buff
Ingredients: 6 Bluebell
Skill Level: 1
Base value: §100

Playful Scent
Adds a +1 Playful buff
Ingredients: 6 Daisy
Skill Level: 1
Base value: §100

Happy Scent
Adds a +1 Happy buff
Ingredients: 6 Tulip
Skill Level: 2
Base value: §300

Energizing Scent
Adds a +1 Energized buff
Ingredients: 6 Chrysanthemum
Skill Level: 2
Base value: §250

Inspiring Scent
Adds a +1 Inspired buff
Ingredients: 6 Lily
Skill Level: 3
Base value: §850

Mourning Scent
Adds a +1 Sad buff
Ingredients: 6 Dahlia
Skill Level: 3
Base value: §250

Flirty Scent
Adds a +1 Flirty buff
Ingredients: 6 Rose
Skill Level: 4
Base value: §600

Angry Scent
Adds a +1 Angry buff
Ingredients: 6 Snapdragon
Skill Level: 5
Base value: §300

Calming Scent
Adds a +1 Focused buff, removes all stress
Ingredients: 6 Christmas Rose
Skill Level: 6
Base value: §350

Friendship Scent
Adds a +1 Happy buff, increases speed of relationship building (similar to Gregarious trait)
Ingredients: 6 Crocus
Skill Level: 7
Base value: §550

Evil Scent
Adds a +1 Confident buff, Adds temporary Evil trait (similar to Begonia trait from flower arranging)
Ingredients: 6 Begonia
Skill Level: 8
Base value: §650

Confident Scent
Adds a +2 Confident buff
Ingredients: 6 Bird of Paradise
Skill Level: 9
Base value: §1200

Eternal Scent
Adds a +2 Focused buff, freezes motives for duration of buff.
Ingredients: 6 Orchid
Skill Level: 10
Base value: §6500

The base value of each recipe is based on the cost of the flowers needed. The final value of the bottles of scent is affected by the quality of the final product, which is affected by Perfumery skill and the mood of the sim making it, as one would expect.

At Perfumery Skill level 7, you have a chance to create a Masterwork. Once you reach level 10, you will earn ‘The Nose’ reward trait, which ensures that all of your scents are Excellent quality and greatly increases your chances of creating a Masterwork. At this level, making a bottle of perfume worth tens of thousands of simoleons is quite possible, so maybe you can afford a professional gardener now (in case I didn’t mention it, you might want to grow your own flowers for maximum profit. The retail cost of Orchids is about §225 each).

14 different bottles of scent
Perfume Display for retail sales
Skill Books

Making Scents
Put the Petal to the Metal
Scents and Scentsibility

There’s also a custom cooking pot that is (automatically) used when making scents.

Requires Seasons, Outdoor Retreat

1.0.0, 4/28/2022, Initial Patreon Preview
1.0.1, 5/3/2022, Initial Public Release, removed flowers from debug purchase picker that aren’t needed in recipes

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