6 Traits; Optimistic, Bossy, Vulgar, Extreme, Hypochondriac, and Learning Difficulty Mod

6 Traits; Optimistic, Bossy, Vulgar, Extreme, Hypochondriac, and Learning Difficulty Mod

“This sim sees the positive in almost every situation. The glass is not only half full, it’s also a very pretty glass!”

Other sims appreciate this sim’s optimistic outlook, gaining a +1 Happiness moodlet around them. Their social need increases faster than other sims. They get random positive moodlets. They still get sad from bad things happening, but these moods are less strong than they are for other sims and don’t last as long, and they often get a “Optimism in the Midst of Sadness” moodlet to help them along. They have 4 unique socials. They have whims to become Happy, make friends, talk to friends, and share emotional burden. This is a child through elder trait.

“Some sims are simply bossy, and although they don’t mean any harm, they can really irritate other sims.”

These sims get random confident moodlets, have 3 unique socials, and make other sims angry +1 around them due to their bossiness. They have a harder time building both friendships and romantic relationships. They get angry themselves when other sims call them out on their bossiness during socialization. They have whims to tell stories, tell group stories, become confident, and become energized. This is a child through elder trait.

“Most sims are boring, but some sims are EXTREME! These sims crave stimulation, get powerful moodlets from activities they deem ‘extreme,’ and do well in the Secret Agent career.”

These sims gain motor and fitness skills easier than other sims, gain work performance in the Secret Agent career faster, and their fun need decays more quickly. They make friends faster but gain romance slower, as what makes for a fun friend can be exhausting in a romantic partner! They have a chance of getting bored when doing “non-extreme” activities like chess, meditation, yoga reading, and using the telescope. They have a chance of getting energized randomly or from engaging in “extreme” activities, like exercising, doing basketball tricks, skating, doing magic duels, and exploring space. They have 5 unique socials. They will get energized instead of happy when getting pregnant, engaged, or married. Their whims include basketball, leveling up fitness, exploring space, working on the rocketship, exercising, and becoming energized. This is a child through elder trait.

“Some sims are less unrefined, boorish, uncouth, and just. . . vulgar. They don’t necessarily intend to come off that way, and aren’t mean-spirited, but they can certainly rub some sims the wrong way!”

These sims have a tendency to stress out other sims when telling jokes. They sometimes randomly get stressed out themselves because they feel pent-up due to holding in vulgar behaviors. They build both friendship and romance slower, build Charisma slower, and are slower to build work performance in all careers. They have 3 unique socials. They get angry or stressed when social interactions go awry. They get whims to tell jokes, tell dirty jokes, and shout forbidden words. This is a teen through elder trait.

“Some sims are Geniuses, some are average, and other sims have learning difficulties. This is one such sim. This doesn’t mean they can’t flourish; they just have to work harder for it!”

These sims are slower to learn all mental and social skills. They are slower to build grade school, high school, and career performance. They get random embarrassed and stressed moodlets related to their difficulties, and get especially confident when they do well in school and chess. They get whims to get confident, do homework, do extra credit work, and talk about school. This is a child through elder trait. Note: see disclaimer at the bottom of page regarding this trait.

“Getting sick is a natural part of life, but for this sim, it’s one of their biggest fears! They always think they’re coming down with something, and really stress themselves out.”

These sims will randomly get stressed worrying if they’re getting sick. They also have a chance of getting stressed about it when it’s cold and during the fall “flu season.” They have 3 unique socials. They will get whims to clean things, cure illness with tea and cure illness with medicine. This is a teen through elder trait.

These traits should not conflict with anything as far as I know, and should only require the base game to function.

Disclaimer: the Learning Difficulty trait is, quite obviously, a sim-fictionalized version of having a learning disability. I am certainly not making light of people who have such problems. I have a learning disability myself. It’s called dyscalculia, and it means I have a very difficult time understanding anything related to math or numbers. So I’m very aware of the frustration and pain of having a learning disability. But that’s exactly why I added this trait. Some of us have a harder time than others, and that’s just a part of life. And this is a life simulation game. I wanted to add the chance that people like me can be represented. I honestly think there’s far too much pressure on people to be “perfect,” which is an unattainable goal, and it breeds a negative reaction toward people with more obvious imperfections. There’s nothing wrong with not being good at something. There’s no shame in not being capable of something that someone else is capable of. People are all different. We have our strengths and weaknesses, and they vary person to person. If you want that reflected in your game, awesome. And if you don’t, that’s okay too. You certainly don’t have to use this trait if it bothers you. If, after reading this, you still feel the need to leave a reasonable, rational comment about it, please do! I’d be more than happy to read it.


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