Careers – Base game only Mod

Careers – Base game only Mod

Yeah, I don’t have Strangerville and I had to improvise. So, behold my Paramilitary TS1 Career Conversion!

You only need the base game for this to work.

Career Description: Since the Great Landgraab accident, this great town has been short of solders. All of the young people are too scared- something about wanting to be with their loving families and not in war or something… yuck! But I’ll tell you what… there’s good things about being in the Paramilitary. I can’t tell you what they are, though. You have to join.

There are TEN levels and ONE branch:

Level 1 – Latrine Cleaner (62/h | Every Day)
What, you thought this was going to be easy? This job stinks! You get up at crack of dawn, shovel you-know-what for hours, then douse it all in gasoline and burn it up. You know what that smells like? It sure isn’t victory… Just work hard and hope you get noticed.

Level 2 – Boot Polisher (81/h | Every Day)
You’re good at cleaning toilets? Good! Now you get to scrape dung off boots! That’s military meritocracy… Brush up on your LOGIC skills or you’ll be brushing boots forever.

Level 3 – Drill Instructor (80/h | Every Day)
Now it’s YOUR turn to do the yelling! You turn fat, lazy, stupid recruits into lean, mean, killing machines. Just make sure those maggots are more scared of you than the enemy by BODY building.

Level 4 – Paratrooper (75/h | Every Day)
The base got boring quick! Now you’re getting dropped behind enemy lines and taking hostile fire almost every day, and that’s just in a fake war game! Keep building your muscles for the real thing though.

Level 5 – Chopper Pilot (83/h | Every Day but Monday)
Your dreams of flying have come true! Ferrying supplies, dropping Rangers off on missions, hunting terrorists in some God-forsaken desert waste – it’s all exciting! But don’t forget your FRIENDS, they’re really all you’ve got.

Level 6 – Covert Ops (138/h | Every Day)
Now this is what the military is all about! You get to travel the world, see exotic places, meet interesting people, learn about politics, get DIRECTLY involved in solving political problems…play with guns…it’s great!

Level 7 – Secret Agent(97/h | Every Day except Thursday)

Level 8 – Code Breaker (100/h | Free on Weekends)
VELVET DE82904E BF899B8B DE82904A BCA99B83 GOLDMINE DEA90332 BCA 99B84 DEA903E2 ?NameLocal:3 BCA99B84 DEA9033A BCA99884 [6 AM]

Level 9 – Intelligence Director(100/h | Free on Weekends)
Your mission is to support the president, the security council and all the officials who make and execute national security by providing accurate, comprehensive, and TOTAL information awareness.

Level 10 – War Minister (167/h | Don’t Go On T Days)
Finally, they’ve got someone with actual combat experience running the military! YOU! But your battles only take place at dinner parties, fund raisers, and press conferences now. Fight the political battle by keeping your powder, and your humor…dry.

Additional Credits:
Simneia’s Create-a-Career
Grilled Cheese God


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