Darkside Vampire Career Mod

Darkside Vampire Career Mod

I wanted to create a vampire career path that had multiple options, with this career track you have three distinctive paths your life can take..

Languages: English & French

Created and tested with Game patch 20/12/2018 and Nisa’s create a career beta for1.48.94.1020 (December patch)
Needs Vampire add on for the vampire lore skill and generally a better gameplay experience.
Images courtesy of alphacoders and my own photoshop skills

All the careers start around a club called Darkside,
There are rumours on the paranormal web forums that Vampires exist among us, and some people think the new local nightclub may have something to do with it!
Well you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, but the club sounds fun, you decide to go at the weekends and see if you can spot anything worth writing on the forums about.

LVL 1 you visit the club – – – T F S S, After a few nights of this you will be presented with three alternative beginnings.

Option 1 Groupie, you accept a job at Darkside as a cleaner, and soon come to realise this is no ordinary night club.
Option 2 In the Hellsing Hunter option you are rescued from a vampire attack and agree to help out by acting as Bait for this dangerous looking stranger with a crossbow.
Option 3 In the Vampire Master option you are attacked while walking home one night however you fought back and were infected and left for dead, now you must avoid turning into a crazed killer and regain your sanity.

Master Vampire career
You start off as a victim of a vampre attack and must prove your worth to the Corvinus clan while avoiding Vampire hunters!

Career Levels and Descriptions

Title Intro
While walking home from a nightclub a vampire jumps out of some bushes and attacks you. The creature looks half insane, clawing and biting at you, it managed to sink its fangs into your neck before you fend it off with a pocket knife, you slashed its carotid open and blood went everywhere!
The vampire staggered away screeching in pain, blood spurting from its neck. The puddle of vampire blood rushes up to meet you and you fall unconscious from shock.

Most shifts start around 1900-2000 when the sun is down, you will be coming home at 3-4 in the morning, as you progress through the ranks you work less days as you only need to oversee the vampire grunts..

Leveling up depends on good work performance and an increase of the following skills
wellness to survive the turning, vampire lore, fitness, logic, to navigate your way through the Corvinus clan, and the counicl job requires charisma to win allies.
Mood, Confident

Lvl 2 Drudge §20 Work hours M T W T F – – /
When you wake it is nearly morning and you are thirsty and confused, you stagger home and fall into bed.
You realise you have been infected and need to get blood, you get a job at the local hospital and have access to blood on the sly, however the thirst is all consuming, perhaps meditation will help you survive.

The previous Night ….. While walking home from a nightclub, a vampire jumped out of some bushes and attacked you. The creature looked half insane and grabbed you clawing at you, it managed to sink its fangs into your neck before you fended it off with a pocket knife, you slashed it’s carotid open and blood went everywhere. The vampire staggered away blood spurting from it’s neck. The puddle of vampire blood rushes up to meet you and you fall unconscious.

Lvl 3 Newborn §45 Work hours – – W T F S S /
You have avoided being caught by any vampire hunters and managed to sneak blood from the local hospital, few survive the drudge stage, however you have not gone completely undetected, the Corvinus clan have summoned you to attend and declare yourself.
Who are they? Each territory is controlled by a family or clan and all turnings must be sanctioned! Rogue vampires are not tolerated, you best impress them if you want to keep your miserable life and be accepted instead of culled like your imbecilic maker.

Lvl 4Thrall §60 Work hours – – W T F S S /
Well you are still alive, and each day have been serving the clan with as much dedication as you can, you are now being taught the ways of the vampire and do anything you are told to do. Even the human pets order you about. You must claw your way out of this miserable existence, even the blood junkies avoid feeding you and toss you a pity blood bag.

Lvl 5 Low level Vampire §105 Work hours – – W T F S S /
You are now the lowest rank of Vampire, you are now considered a full member of the Corvinus clan, but you are one of the lowest members of the Coven. You have less privileges than other superior ranks. You still do mundane jobs being tasked with domestic work such as driving other members about and doing anything asked of you, but at least the human pets offer you their neck when asked and other vampires listen when you speak occasionally ..

Lvl 6 Keeper §250 Work hours – – W T F S S /
Your hard work has been noticed and you are now appointed the keeper, a higher-ranking servant but at least you attend exclusively to the Corvinus family. Lower vampires now run errands for you and your main job is to serve the family in whatever capacity they decide.
During this time, you are taught martial arts and begin learning that not all vampires are created equal, some grow in power while others do not, your power and strength continues to grow and the Corvinus family want you stronger.

Lvl 7 Death Dealer §399(Hazard Pay) Work hours – – – T F S S /
Your strength and skills have grown, and the Commander of the death dealers has recruited you to join them. This is the only way you will be able to rise in rank, your blood is tainted, made, not born and many look down on you for this despite your skill. This is where you can gain respect.
You have learned that the Death Dealers are the military forces of the Vampire society, Any lower or higher rank Vampire can become a Death Dealer if they show skill, of course many die at the hands of vampire hunters such as the Hellsings. The Death Dealers are the warriors trained specifically to become hunters of Lycans or other forces. Show skill, dedication and loyalty and you could go far! -You also get hazard pay!

Lvl 8 Death Dealer Commander§499(More Hazard pay) Work hours – – – T F S S /
You have returned home many times covered in blood, mostly not yours, on the last mission you saved your commander from a particularly nasty Hellsing hunter, well most of him anyway. It seems you are the Death Dealer that can deal with the most dangerous threats. Your strength and skill seem to be unparalleled, because of this your Commander has chosen you to be his successor, while he takes the open position on the council!
You now command the Death Dealers and are responsible for the Corvinus clan’s safety.
The Council and Aristocrats nod in respect when they see you and the human pets throw themselves at you begging to serve you in any way you could possibly imagine! Your power and position within the coven is solidified and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by vampires that wish to serve within your Death Dealer ranks.

Lvl 9 Regent §599 Work hours M – W – F S /
The Corvinus Clan trust you more than any other and have appointed you as Regent of the Clan, the aristocrats may not be too happy about a vampire made, not born attaining this exalted title, but lucky for you it’s not up to them! Nor are they stupid enough to challenge a Death Dealer war hero! Now when there is no Corvinus around you rule the clan, making all the decisions that affect the running of the family, this is a trusted and exalted position few manage to attain.

Lvl 10 Council Member§899 Work hours – T – – F S /
The council have appointed you as the successor to an elder that has retired, perhaps he will awaken in a few hundred years, it seems no one minds, he was a little batshit crazy anyway.
The Council are the ones that advise and help guide the Elders and Coven leaders through decisions that can affect the vampire community, giving different perspectives and opinions to consider when needed, and Stepping in if a Clan is in peril. The Council guides the Covens when there is no leader. They are also viewed with great respect among the Covens, considered the nobility of the Vampire society and having more privileges than the lower classes

Lvl 11 Elder §999 Work hours M T – – F – S /
After many years on the council and with your power and influence spreading far and wide you have been appointed by the Council as an official Elder. You now control your own Coven! Your tainted blood a long-forgotten memory, your name carries as much weight as those such as Marcus or Victor. You are considered a power! Though do not let your Death Dealer skills slip, power can be a fickle thing.
Elders hold the highest power and all Vampires must answer to them, the exception being maybe another Elder and of course the Master Vampire. They are viewed as the true rulers of the Vampire society. They are the ones that ultimately choose and decide how the Vampire community must act and behave, they also are the ones that elect their trusted advisers and regents.

Lvl 12 Master Vampire §1100 Work hours – – – – F S – /
The Master Vampire has summoned you and all the other elders for an important meeting. He walks in offering you a rare smile and announces to the room that you are to die! The other elders knew this was coming and had spoken at length about this possible situation, The Master Vampire feared your growing power and influence, and wished to remove you as a possible threat, however your ties to the Death Dealers and other elders fall in your favour, they do not interfere or carry out the order. The Master Vampire screams and jumps at you with claws and fangs bared and you respond in kind. After a fearsome fight you rip out his heart and turn him into ash, perhaps he should not have spent centuries in petty indulgence, growing weak and complacent. All the elders slowly kneel before you, and the Death Dealers remove their swords and swear their undying elegance.
A new era has dawned, and a new Master Vampire has risen!

Hellsing Career After surviving a vampire attack your rescuer wants to to act as bait! What is this Hellsing organisation!

Career Levels and descriptions
Hellsing is an elite counter-terrorist strike force that isn’t shy of using any and all means at their disposal to protect anywhere they call home from unnatural threat…Vampires being their specialty. They are a large organization, branching off throughout various Sectors, but a vast majority of their forces are actually highly trusted mercenaries who don’t betray their contractor as long as they keep getting paid….even if they are offered a larger sum by a third party. They are still normal humans for the most part, I say they’re normal humans for the most part because within their ranks are vampires, magicians, and werewolves who they happen to accept into their ranks for the sake of fighting on behalf of the human race.They are willing to use any and all means at their disposal to accomplish their goal of wiping the world of threats to their homes and humanity itself as well. After all, the best way to fight a monster is with another, more powerful monster. I don’t think I need to tell you who the founder of the HELLSING organization is. If I do, you’re stupid.

Most shifts start around 1900-2000 when the vampires are awake and ready for staking, you will be coming home at 3-4 in the morning.

Leveling up depends on good work performance and an increase of the following skills …
Charisma, vampire lore, fitness, logic, and the office jobs require charisma.
Mood focused/confident

Lv 2 Vampire Bait §35 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
While walking home from a night out a vampire jumps out and attacks you, before it can sink its fangs into your juicy veins, a dangerous looking man in a long leather coat grabs the vile creature by the scruff of the neck, slamming it into the ground. Before you can get your bearings this stranger shoots the vampire in the chest and the creature turns to ash!
This stranger informs you that he noticed the vampire following you from the nightclub, and he needs your help to find other vamps. You agree to return to the club tomorrow night and offer yourself as bait once more. Bale the Hellsing Hunter will cover your expenses.

lvl 3 Hellsing Mole §45 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
After spending time as a mole you are invited to join the ranks of Hellsing, having learned a little about it from Bale, Your new role is to spend time in known vampire hot spots and notice any dangerous vampires, these young vampires have been made and left to fend for themselves, weak pathetic clueless creatures that they are, putting the general public in danger. Talk to them, tag them and notify your superior, they will then be dealt with…

Lv 4 Hellsing Investigator §105 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
You have been promoted to lead investigator! Your job now is to lead the other moles in uncovering vampires and reporting them to the hunters. You are gaining trust within the organisation and your leadership skills have been noticed, but you need to brush up on your vampire knowledge, knowledge is power!

Lv 5 The Infected Persons Unit §180 Work Hours M T W T F – -/
A vampire has been going around and creating drudges! These are half turned vampires, feral creatures that are consumed with blood lust, they rarely survive the first few days, but they leave carnage in their wake, you have been assigned to the infected persons unit to find these creatures and bring them in! Here, take this crossbow, you will need it!

Lv 6 Trainee Hunter §199 Work Hours M T W – – S S – – – T F S S/
You showed skill in the field and the way you took on those foaming at the mouth crazy drudges was impressive. Although you showed a lack of physical skill you have been approved to train as a hunter, the hours will be long and the regime brutal.Sorry..

Lv 7Hellsing Hunter §212 (Hazard pay) Work Hours – – – T F S S/
You have passed your training and spent plenty of time in the field learning from Bale, a seasoned hunter, you are now on your own hunting vampires and other supernatural threats, Keep fit and alert, you now receive hazard pay which increases your salary!
Try not to get killed or draw attention to yourself!

Lv 8 Elite Division Hunter §390 (Hazard pay) Work Hours M T W T F – -/
Your body count is impressive! You take out more threats than even Bale! You are the one other Hunters turn to when they need backup!
You have been selected to join the Elite hunter division, you now have your own team of seasoned hunters and take on the most dangerous threats to humanity!

Lv 9 Hellsing Operations Commander §500 Work Hours M T W T F – -/
You have been promoted to the operations centre and will be coordinating hunters in the field, taking out vampire nests and other dangerous creatures that go bump in the night. Many lives depend on you and your decisions. Hellsing himself has asked you to consider raising an heir, I think he is hoping all that natural talent may be passed on! Now you don’t just fight monsters with brawn, your brain is also a great asset to the organisation so work on your logic skills!

Lv 10 Hellsing Operations Director §800 Work Hours M T W T F – –
You now run the Hellsing daily operations and have been appointed Operations director, you call the shots and are in charge of keeping humanity safe against all threats worldwide, you are responsible for making sure each country trains new hunters and strategize coven hits. “In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen.”
Exterminate evil!

Vampire Groupie

After visiting the nightclub you find out there are jobs open.. The money is double what other clubs offer, I wonder what the catch is?

Career Levels and Descriptions

Intro Text
Vampire Groupie a term that refers to a person or persons that idolize or support vampires (THATS YOU!)
So you like vampires?…. Perhaps you want to be one? …..Submissive much?
Well this is the path for you, If you are beautiful and somewhat interesting at least, else you might end up drained and floating in a river somewhere, who knows, perhaps if your blood is tasty and your conversation is interesting enough the master vampire humself might notice you!
Climb the ranks to become the Master Vampires consort and live forever by his side.

You do earn a lot of money as you start progressing from cleaner and general blood bag to entertaining and feeding vampires, basically premium escort pay. As the Master’s consort you will have a lot of money to indulge yourself and keep yourself happy and healthy, Vampires like to spoil their prize pets!. Also to compensate for the unsociable hours.
To get to that stage won’t be a cakewalk, to get out of cleaning and bar tending, you will need to look fit, have charisma, be funny and be interesting, also have some knowledge of vampires (vampire lore), so work on charisma, logic,dancing,comedy etc, Vampires won’t just be interested in an unskilled pretty vacuous doll..
The rewards reflect that….
Ideal moods Happy,flirty,confident

Most shifts start around 2000-2100 when the clubs open or when your master is awake, you will be coming home at 3-4 in the morning

Lvl 2 Club Cleaner §40 Work Hours – – W T F S S/
You respond to a notice at the nightclub looking for beautiful young people to work at a club called Darkside, you have heard rumours that people go missing there, but the pay is twice what other clubs are offering. You decide to go and are selected from many hopeful candidates. Each day you go and clean the bar and restock the alcohol, is that a blood stain on the floor?

Lvl 3 Club Worker §45 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
After a while working at the club, the manager sits you down in the office and tells you it is a club run for and by vampires, at first you think it is a joke until the manager smiles and shows you two very sharp looking fangs, You are told from now on you will work behind the bar, but if you speak to anyone about this underworld then you will die slowly and painfully, keep the drinks flowing and whatever you see or hear keep it to yourself. Before you leave the manager grabs you by the back of the neck sinking those sharp fangs into your skin, taking a long pull from your vein before slowly licking the wound closed, smiling the manager says “You will do nicely” with that you are dismissed…

Lvl 4 Club Dancer §100 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
You have been working at the club for a while now and you are under no illusion that Vampires are a myth, each night they come in, some drink alone, the pretty attendants that work here flitter about serving drinks or offering blood. From what you know the club is neutral territory with different vampire clans often meeting here.
These creatures are mysterious and powerful. One of the dancers got a little too irritating and is now out of commission permanently… The manager snaps his fingers at you while others clean up the mess that was once Felicity. “Go put something pleasing on and dance”
Success! you were not completely embarrassing to watch, although the vampires seemed amused when you tripped over your own feet. The Manager orders dance lessons for you and each night you dance now instead of passing drinks to the attendants! Keep practicing and perhaps you won’t have to dance till you die!

Lvl 5 Pretty Attendant §150 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
The vampires watching you dance want to get to know you, the manager has advised you to dress in a pleasing way from the vast wardrobe on hand and serve at the tables tonight, you are to talk when spoken to and offer them anything they want, within reason, somethings cost extra after all! The pay is better and you wont have dead feet at the end of your shift. Just remember to drink the blood replenishing potion they give you each night!

Lvl 6 Senior Attendant § 350 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
Your eloquence, intelligent conversation, grace, beauty and wit have been a success with the vampires, the manager has asked you to take a few other attendants under your wing and teach them how to interact with vampires, many that frequent the club ask for you by name. Many vampires want you to be their hostess, and last week two vampires almost came to blows deciding which table you would serve!
You now make double the pay and have far more responsibilties, you are now considered prime meat, whatever that means.

Lvl 7 Managers Assistant § 390 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
The Manager has been asked to organise the upcoming council meetings, the council meet only six times a year for a few weeks at a time and to be asked to host is a great honour, naturally the manager has chosen the best attendant to help him oversee this event. The meeting room is transformed with no expense spared, The mood for the meetings is far more refined than you are used to, but you make sure the council want for nothing, your manager is proud to show you off to some of the most powerful vampires in existence, escorting you around the room. Until the meetings are over you will attend these functions with your manager, working diligently and with flair, until the council disperse to their clans once more.

Lvl 8 Elder’s Pet § 550 Work Hours – – W T F S S/
One of the elders attending the clan meeting has taken a shine to you, when you return to work you are told that you are now in the employ of the elder, your manager does not seem happy about it, has no say in the matter, you manager after all is after all only a low ranking vampire.

You now attend to the Elder exclusively, traveling to the clan HQ each night past the Death Dealer guards and reporting to the elder, most nights you entertain him with the skills you have learned so far, and other times you travel with him on his meetings, he seems fond of you, and your pay is more than you could have imagined.

Lvl 9 Master Vampire’s Pet § 555 Work Hours – – – T F S S/
The elder has decided to sleep for who knows how long, some in the Coven whisper a century at least, you hear that the elder has developed feelings for you and cannot bear the thought of being without you, hearing of plans to entomb you along with the elder you speak to your old club manager. On the night your master sleeps you find a very powerful vampire in attendance, it seems the manager went out on a limb for you, Just being near such a powerful creature raises Goosebumps on your skin. This powerful vampire takes you to the side before the ritual and speaks to you of the prospect of your pending incarceration, you advise shakily that you live to serve of course, but you wish to live. This powerful creature advises the Elder that you will take the human, The Master Vampire’s tone brooks no argument from the elder. And so, you change hands again. This time you enter the employ of the most powerful coven in existence, serving the Master Vampire!

Lvl 10 Master Vampire’s Consort § 2000 Work Hours – – – T F S S /
Each night you serve the Master Vampire, just being near such a power frightens you, and excites you. Over time you get to know the vampire behind the sheer power and realise the loneliness of such a position. You live to serve and unlike with other vampires you have served, you begin to develop strong feelings, over time the Master advises you he cannot imagine life without you, that perhaps you have made him a little more Human. He offers you eternal life, and anything you desire if you agree to the position of consort. Now you are treated with the greatest of respect even by the council, no longer do they call you girl, or servant, or even Pet. They incline their head when you pass, and listen when you speak for you are the exalted Consort to their Master.

This is my first career any suggestions let me know!

Basic Download and Install Instructions:
1. Download: Click the File tab to see the download link. Click the link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.
2. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s).
3. Cut and paste the file(s) into your Mods folder
Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Need more information?
Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
If you don’t have a Mods folder, just make one.


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