Far-Distance Truck Driver Career Mod

Far-Distance Truck Driver Career Mod

This is my 2nd career made with version 1.69.57. It runs perfectly with the December 7th Patch and also is a rather small career. I made it because I wanted my Sim more off home … In the pre-version, I tried to make him work 5 days a week from 0.00 h till 0.00 h, which did not work out; the game dropped every second day, so this is why I just did what I did: I did what the game wanted me to do, so my Sim now works only every second day.

I might make another version where the Sim works 5 days a week from 0.00 h till 23.59 h … I will test it and make that second version, so you will be able to choose the working hours you prefer.

What u need: Expansion Pack GET TO WORK

So, if you want to be taken by surprise, don’t go on reading, just do the download and have fun.

For all the other curious ones, here’s what the Career is all about:
You enter the Career as Newcomer: Welcome to the Road of Life!

You’re a Newcomer. Everybody knows. So in the beginning, you might go through some of those funny little pranks of the other guys, like running out of gas for no reason, being shown wrong ways, or just being the target of any ridicule from your colleagues. But what the heck? Most of the time you drive all alone, on your own, and don’t meet anybody but border patrols and dirty toilets at Freeway service stations. Really, that should not impress you much. Just take a deep breath of the freedom on the road – this is all you ever wanted.

2) Promotion to Freshman: Staying awake!
So your colleagues still make fun of you, but you have built up your routine. You still drive all day long, and sometimes you wish it could be a bit faster – but, hey, you’re taming a giant. Just get your goods to the customer on time, and we will soon reward your diligence well.

3) Promotion to Colleague: It was about time!
Your colleagues finally accept you, you, and your little (and big) mistakes and quirks. After all, you’ve been driving for the company for quite a while now, and that’s saying something. Rumor also has it that you have a lot of skill with machines and people. At customs, you’re on a first-name basis with the officials. Keep it up!

4) Promotion to Reliable Buddy: Hey, Buddy!
Who wants to know something, asks you first! Who wants to have a good chat, calls you with the walkie-talkie. Yes, you are now really popular, people appreciate your reliability because no matter how the weather or your mood will be, you drive on and drive on and drive on … Great!

5) Promotion to Steel Pedal: Step on the gas!
You will not fall asleep. You will not slow down. You will only stop when there is no other way. Your seat muscles have entered into a wonderful symbiosis with the driver’s seat. Your left arm is dark brown, your eyes are those of an eagle and when it gets boring, you sing a few songs. God, you are good!

6) Promotion to Highway Expert: Yes, I know them.
Ask {0.SimFirstName}, {M0.he}{F0.she} knows this highway. Like {M0.his}{F0.her} pocket, to be exact. You laugh your head off when someone doesn’t know a way and wonder when people complain about traffic. What’s wrong with all of them?

7) Promotion to Connoisseur of all Roads: Yes, I know them all!!!
You’d bet you could recognize any street by the taste of its dust! Not only the highways, no, in your memory palace every dirt road in the sticks, but every building at the ass of the world has meaning because you were already there. Your colleagues now have great respect for you. They don’t even talk quietly behind your back anymore. You are just {0.SimFirstName}!

8) International Expert: Arrivigracie, mes amichachos!
You’ve picked up a few words of Windenburgish, are now fluent in Sixam, and occasionally surprise your friends with foreign delicacies. Yes, travel educates. So much so, you’re even a little conceitedly educated by now. But that doesn’t bother a great mind!

9) Promotion to Truck God/ Truck Goddess: You’re legend!
Who hasn’t heard of {0.SimFirstName}? So! But this one really has no idea! This Sim is known as a mad dog on the whole continent! There is nothing {M0.he}{F0.she} can’t deliver! They say {M0.he}{F0.she} can drive the devil’s truck and haul pianos up to the 8th floor by himself without an elevator. They say {M0.he}{F0.she} can make an engine purr just by laying hands on it. They say {M0.he}{F0.she} is the {M0.God}{F0.Godess} of eternal roads!

10) Promotion to The Boss: Hire and fire!
Now you don’t like to drive anymore. You stay at your desk and regulate the traffic there. You hire newcomers and cheer on people who can’t drive or are unreliable. All this makes good money for you. Well, you’re not a legend anymore – as a boss you’re always lonely and alone. But hey – you’re also rich, which makes up for a lot.

In short
Skills you need are handiness, comedy, and charisma.

Wages in ? per day:
Newcomer 1200
Freshman 1440
Colleague 1920
Reliable Buddy 2880
Steel Pedal 3600
Highway Expert 4320
Connoisseur of all Roads 4800
International Expert 5040
Truck God/ Goddess 6000
The Boss 7000

Translations (so far): German (by me) (any volunteers for French, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Sanskrit, Business-Kisuaheli?)

Promotion cheat
1) testing cheats on
2) careers.promote FarDistanceTruckDriver


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