“From a Far Galaxy” stuff pack Mod

“From a Far Galaxy” stuff pack Mod

This is a new mesh, and means that it’s a brand new self contained object that usually does not require a specific Expansion pack (although this is possible depending on the type). It may have Recolours hosted on MTS – check below the description for more information.

Welcome my new stuff pack “From a Far Galaxy”. This is reference to Star Wars and some other sci-fi movies, novels and includes 18 new unique objects.

Trailer video on Youtube channel

– Flyable Tie-Fighters (drones for capture video);
– AT-ST Walker (Mailbox);
– Table with space chess from Millenium Falcon (corner table);
– R2D2 droid (music player)
– Picture with changable image in real time…
and more!

All this objects are glow and that conveys the atmosphere of some real Sci-Fi. Now it’s more interesting to play with aliens, or you may build film production studio and use them for movie sets.

NOTE: This stuff pack requires “Get Famous” and “Get Together” game packs.

Included 18 items:

Iron Postman (mailbox; 200$; outdoor stuff; requires Get Together)
Drone for broadcasts “Darth Wind” (drone for streaming and video capture; 600$; electronics; requires Get Famous)

Other stuff requires Base Game only:
Stereo system “R-Droid” (audio player; 1600$; electronics)
Long Sofa “Totally automatic” (long sofa; 800$; comfort)
Desk Chair “Charger” (desk chair; 300$; comfort)
Desk “Battle Cruiser” (desk; 1350$; surfaces – desks)
Table for space chess (deco table like from Millenium Falcon; 180$; surfaces – deco tables)
TV stand “Space container” (TV-Stand; 500$; surfaces – TV-stands)
“Heroes and exploits” of new Gen (Picture with changeable images; 245$; decor – paintings)
Single bed “Dreams of the Universe” (single bed; 1460$; comfort – beds)
Double bed “Dreams of the Universe” (double bed; 2200$; comfort – beds)
Fuel cell from the spaceship “Century Owl” (bar chair; 600$; comfort – bar stool)
Space kitchen counter (counters; 300$; surfaces – counters)
Space bar table (counters isle; 300$; surfaces – counters)
Space kitchen cabinet (cabinets; 165$; surfaces – cabinets)
Window “Porthole of Starship” (window; 320$; build mode – windows)
Slider door “Cosmic” (slider door;140$; build mode – doors)
Door arch “Cosmic” (arch; 220$; build mode – doors)

Polygon Counts:
Door arch “Cosmic” – 343; 337
Slider door “Cosmic” – 868; 532
Window “Porthole of Starship” – 434; 350; 258

Counters, isles and cabinets polygon counts are very low
Droid – 768; 766
Single Bed – 740; 710
Double Bed – 1006; 960
Poster – 36
Mailbox – 1536;
StandFC – 404; 400; 390
Bar Chair – 214
Deco Table – 360
Desk – 272
Desk Chair – 1316; 1290
Long Sofa – 598; 588
Drone – 1790; 1174

Additional Credits:
Thanks George Lucas for Star Wars, my parents who gave me life, and my girlfriend who supported and helped me with making this!

How to download:
– Download full version – if you have both Get Together and Get Famous game packs.
– Download “v2” – if you don’t have both Get Together and Get Famous game packs.
– Download “v2” and “Drone” – if you have Get Famous, but don’t have Get Together.
– Download “v2” and “AT-ST Mailbox” – if you have Get Together, but don’t have Get Famous.


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