Mega Odd Job Pack – 20 Animal Themed Jobs Mod

Mega Odd Job Pack – 20 Animal Themed Jobs Mod

I have finished a mega odd job pack that contains 20 unique odd jobs, revolving around animals, that are the following:

The payment varies between 20-250 simoleons/hour; the work begins as soon as you accept the job offer; after accepting an offer, your Sim leaves to a rabbit hole place and comes back after 4 hours with a successful/failure outcome, depending on the level of certain skills.

Some examples of the odd jobs:

Animal: Bear
Job Description: We are the Greenbob Animal Rescue Team, deticated to helping animals in need. We have Sasha, the bear, ready to leave the rehabilitation center and get back to her original roots, the forest. Our driver is sick tho, we need another experienced driver. If you have a license do not hesitate, apply!

Animal: Blowfish
Job Description: We haven’t had a lot of time on our hands lately but Bobby’s room needs to be cleaned. Can you do that for us? Oh, and he is a fish…

Animal: Bluejay
Job Description: Have you ever read the book, The Plunder Games? I thought the Bluejay birds from the books are merely fictional, but as it turns out, they very much exist. I need to get my hands on one. Your task is to catch one for me in the jungle.

Animal: Frog
Job Description: Do you remember when we were kids and we were told that by kissing a frog, you’ll get your own Prince Charming? I think that’s true. You know, finding the perfect candidate is hard. I want to leave it to fate, which means you’re gonna be the one to choose a frog for me if you accept my job offer.

Animal: Parrot
Job Description: Hi fellow jobseekers! I’m offering you one in a lifetime experience with this job offer. You see, I have this lovely parrot here, Jay, and I want to teach him some words and sentences because I want to impress my friends. Problem is, I don’t have time, and I’m meeting my friends next week. Can you teach him for me?

Animal: Pig
Job Description: One-time job only! Our farm has moved to a new site, your job is to evaluate the readiness of the farm and barns to receive baby pigs including assessment of barn hygiene, environmental conditions and preparation of documents..

Animal: Bunny
Job Description: Hi guys!nI need someone to babysit my lovely bunny while I’m away for a few hours. Here’s what you’ll have to do:n• Feed hern• Groom hern• Talk to hern• Clean hern• Play with hern• Make sure she’s safe

Animal: Cowplant
Job Description: Hi cowplant community! How did you teach your cowplants to stop trying to eat you? Our cowplant is a real trap master, we had a few neighbors who were… Nevermind. Can you teach her how to be a good plant?

Animal: Dog
Job Description: Dog walker needed! Duties to follow: n• Provide exercisesn• Pick up and dispose of dog droppingsn• Check dogs’ food and water supplyn• Keep animal safennWhat we offer:n• Good salaryn• Cute Dogsn• Good team

Animal: Fox
Job Description: Welcome {0.SimFirstName}! We are a small animal research group, trying to unriddle the way foxes communicate with each other. We need an extra pair of hands for a few hours, we can’t offer you much but it’s a for a good cause.

Animal: Goose
Job Description: Our lady here, Penny, has the worst of lucks! She had just laid here eggs here but they all disappeared! We need to find them before she becomes more desperate and depressed…

Animal: Horse
Job Description: This is awkward, but I booked a horse riring holiday for two, but my boyfriend and I broke up and long story short, it was huge a mess and we don’t communicate anymore. My friends don’t like horses and I don’t want to cancel this trip. Do you think you could come with me?

Animal: Kitty
Job Description: Maybe it’s because of hormones, maybe because she is an adult cat now, we don’t know, but Aurata has been such a sassy kitty lately, it has come to point we need an expert to help us out. Are you one?

Animal: Llama
Job Description: You must have heard by now, but a llama went missing from the local zoo. We need to find him before his mate goes mad and starts spitting everywhere…

Animal: Owl
Job Description: Yo, hi there! Me and some friends of mine have the craziest bets. Our newest one is that it’s impossible to memorize all ~250 species of owls and recall them. Can you take part in the memorization process?

Animal: Penguin
Job Description: Can penguins dance like in the animation Happy Feet? It would be so cool! I’m looking for a prof pet trainer who is willing to teach a few things to my penguins.

Animal: Sheep
Job Description: I’m desperate now, I don’t know what to do! I have 999 sheep but during the daily census, I realized one is missing! We have to find her, but for that, I need someone to look after my other sheep.

Animal: Tarantula
Job Description: Hi guys! I have a mature female Ephebopus Murinus alias skeleton tarantula who is waiting for its perfect mate to have babies with. If you have a male skeleton tarantula please contact me, so we can pair them. The babies would stay with me, but I’m gonna pay a lot if the pairing is successfull.

Animal: Turtle
Job Description: Make bets Ladies and Gentlemen! This year’s lineup consists of the 4 fastest turtles in the world:n• Flippy (two-time champion)n• Pokey (five-time champion)n• Shelly (all-time favorite voted by people)n• Stumpy (this year’s newbie).

Animal: Wolf
Job Description: Hi fellow Odd Jobers!n We are The Howling Pack Game Studio. We are currently hiring people for one-time jobs. What we ask of you, is to record real wolf howling at night for our latest game!

Additional Infos
Island Living is required for this mod!
It may take a few sim days for these odd jobs to show up!


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