Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Mod

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Mod

We are aware that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can be diagnosed in children that are older than 6 years of age, but we do not feel comfortable in associating these traits to children in the game. Children are sensitive and their symptoms vary – they cannot be categorized together with teenagers and adults. This is why we have decided not to include mental health disorders in children.

Thank you to some of my current and former Discord server members for insight on this condition.

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (cPTSD), however, is a form of PTSD that results from repeated trauma over months or years, rather than a single event.

Trait Category: Social

Available for: Teens, Adults, Young Adults, and Elders

Skills/Needs Changes:
Charisma, Mischief, Writing will be permanently set to 1.5 decrease.

Comedy, Video Gaming, Programming, Rocket Science will be permanently set to 1.25 increase.

All musical skills will be permanently set to 1.25.

Autonomy for Dazed, Uncomfortable, Stressed, Angry, Loner,

Need Decay Multipliers:
Social need will be permanently set to 1.5.

Relationship Track Multipliers:
All your Sim’s friendships and romances will permanently be set to 1.5 in both directions meaning all your Sim’s relationships will gain more points from positive interactions and will lose more points from negative interactions. (Possible conflict with Slower Relationship Procession. If you want both I suggest you put SRP in your Overrides folder.)

Social Interactions: Share My Trauma(s), Confess to Being Afriad, Ask for Reassurance, Share Worries, Explain PTSD and cPTSD

Core Buff:
Can’t Escape the Memories

Every day and everywhere they go {Sim Name} can’t seem to shake anything of the past. At first, it wasn?t like this but as the days and nights went on it got worse and worse, now no matter what they do they can?t escape the memories that hang over their shoulder at every given moment.

Tense +5; Appears every 10 sim minutes.

Future Plans:
Unsafe buff that happens when around/socializing with sims you have low friendship with
Not Alone buff that appears when talking with someone else with the trait

Known Issues:
Share Worries and Ask for Reassurance socials not giving their buffs. Plans on fixing it soon.

Additional Credits:
Kuttoe and LeRoi for teaching me about tuning errors and how to fix them


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