Self-Sufficient Aspiration Mod

Self-Sufficient Aspiration Mod

Self-Sufficient Aspiration: This sim wants to shun the cycle of consumerism by growing, recycling, and crafting all their own needs. This aspiration is in the Fortune category.

I wanted an aspiration to play with my Freegan Rags-to-Riches Challenge, but none of the aspirations that came with Eco Lifestyle really fit what I was going for. If you are interested in the rules I used for that challenge I posted them below.

Set Up: Make a sim with the Freegan trait, move them to an empty lot and set their money to 0.

1. Can’t buy anything that can be salvage or fabricated (skill items are the only items you can’t otherwise find or make).
2. What you can buy (skill items only) can’t cost more than 800 simoleons, as that causes a negative moodlet for freegans.
3. Your sim is not allowed to get a job, not even odd jobs. You can buy a sales table (because you can’t find that in a dumpster) and sell items, but no paying jobs.
4. All meals must be salvaged from the dumpster, free (if provided by neighbors or a festival), or made with ingredients your sim grew (this works well with the Cooking Overhaul mod).
5. Can only sell salvaged furniture if it is repaired and cleaned, no selling the totally ruined furniture. To make the challenge harder you can play without selling any of the furniture you salvage!

The real challenge is trying to build a home with only salvaged furniture. It took me over a sim year to finally find a working counter!

How to Win? Successfully have a home with all of the basic necessities and money in reserve. You can set the money requirement to whatever you want depending on how difficult you want the challenge to be.

Now on with the explanation of this aspiration!

What is it?
This aspiration will have your sim dumpster diving, growing food, fabricating, and crafting their own furniture. It works well with challenges that limit what your sim is allowed to buy, and will see them able to completely provide for their own needs…even toilets! This aspiration comes with a custom reward trait that will make dumpster diving, wood working, and fabricating less draining on your sims needs.

This aspiration requires Eco Lifestyle, as it utilizes the fabrication skill, but doesn’t need any other packs. That said, I do have all of the expansions and stuff packs in my game, so when I tested this trait it was with all of the packs included. It was created with patch 1.63, and should work fine with patch 1.64.

An Important Note:
This is the first aspiration that I’ve made, and while I have tested it extensively with the Better Exceptions mod (which I HIGHLY recommend!) it is still possible that I missed something. Please be sure to let me know if you run into any problems!

Aspiration Tiers:
Tier 1: Dumpster Diver
Dive for Meals in Dumpsters (x5) – 100 Aspiration Points
Dive for Deals in Dumpsters (x5) – 100 Aspiration Points
Nap in Dumpsters (x3) – 100 Aspiration Points

Tier 2: Finding Your Footing
Successfully Repair Household Objects (x5) – 250 Aspiration Points
Plant 10 Harvestables – 250 Aspiration Points
Achieve Fabrication Skill Level 3 – 300 Aspiration Points

Tier 3: Homemaker
Fabricate Furniture for Your Home (x5) – 500 Aspiration Points
Upgrade Appliances with Eco-Upgrades – 400 Aspiration Points
Harvest Produce (x50) – 500 Aspiration Points

Tier 4: All the Essentials
Achieve Fabrication Skill 7 – 700 Aspiration Points
Collect Biofuel from an Insect Farm (x15) – 550 Aspiration Points
Achieve Handiness Skill 10 – 1250 Aspiration Points

Reward Perk: Salvage Artisan – Salvage artisans have mastered the arts of recycling and upcycling. No more will they be bound to the endless cycle of consumption and waste! Salvage artisans will gain fun while dumpster diving, fabricating, and woodworking, and will have significantly less hygiene loss from dumpster diving.

1. Dumpster Diver: Salvage artisans gain fun from dumpster diving and have learned how to keep clean even while completely submerged in trash.
– Sims gain this +1 Happy buff while diving in dumpsters, and will have +2 fun gain and +1 hygiene gain while the buff is active.

2. Fanciful Fabricator: Salvage artisans gain fun from fabricating new items our of recycled materials. Who needs capitalism anyway?
– Sims will gain this +1 Happy buff while using the fabricator, and will have +2 fun gain while the buff is active.

3. Crafty Carver: Salvage artisans gain fun from crafting new items at the woodworking table. Wooden bath fixtures? I’m sure nothing could go wrong with that!
– Sims will gain this +1 Happy buff while using the woodworking table, and will have +2 fun gain while the buff is active.


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