SIMS 4 JAG Career UPDATED 1/22/19 Mod

SIMS 4 JAG Career UPDATED 1/22/19 Mod

This is a conversion of my JAG Career from Sims 3 to Sims 4.
Runs on Base game, Version

Updated 1/22/19
Change log at end of post

Updated 1/20/19
See Update below for details!

The Judge Advocate General Corps serves primarily as legal advisors to the Command of the Navy. In this function, they can also serve as the personal legal advisor to their commander. Their advice may cover a wide range of issues dealing with administrative law, government contracting, civilian and military personnel law, law of war and international relations, and other legal concerns. They also serve as prosecutors for the military when conducting courts-martial. Navy Lawyers in the JAG Corps are charged with both the defense and prosecution of military law as provided in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Highly experienced officers of the JAG Corps often serve as military judges in courts-martial and courts of inquiry. Are you ready to defend the Navy and make a name for yourself?

There are 3 branches of this career at the mid point. Starting as a normal JAG officer and Lawyer and then developing into one of the following branches: Naval Solicitor, Information Operations and Intelligence Law, or Military Justice.

JAG Corps
Staff Clerk, §28/h Monday to Friday
Every case begins with case law, and you are searching and scouring for case files that your superior officers ask for. Organizational skills, knowledge of military regulations, and good relationships with your co-workers will get you noticed.

Legal Counsel Receptionist, §36/h Monday to Friday
Someone has to man the phones and arrange the schedule of the Navy Lawyers. Your main task is to calm clients down and make sure they are scheduled to meet with their representation before courts-marshal and other proceedings.

Legal Secretary, §52/h Monday to Friday
After showing your skill at managing the office, answering phones, balancing schedules, and making the perfect cup of coffee – you’ve become an important part of the Judge Advocate General’s office staff. Now you are in control of all requisition orders, case law copies, and transcripts of court-marshals to the Judge Advocate General and SECNAV.

Legalman, §70/h Monday to Friday
Now you get to go and work with the Navy Lawyers firsthand. As a Legalman you are a Navy Lawyer, learning the law and researching cases to strengthen your case. From small depositions to court-marshal proceedings, you are now defending sailors and the Navy.

Trial Service Officer, §113/h Monday to Friday
Courts-marshal as a Navy Prosecutor, a sailor’s defense attorney, and cases where you represent the interests of the Navy in civilian court take up most of your schedule. The inner working of the Navy’s legal system is at your fingertips as you make a name for yourself on Sim Hill.

Naval Solicitor
The Navy Solicitor General represents the Department of the Navy before the Supreme Court. The Solicitor General determines the legal position that the Navy will take in the Supreme Court. In addition to supervising and conducting cases in which the Navy is a party, the office of the Solicitor General also files amicus curiae briefs in cases in which the Department of the Navy has a significant interest in the legal issue. The office of the Solicitor General argues on behalf of the Department of the Navy in virtually every case in which the Navy is a party, and also argues in most of the cases in which the Navy has filed an amicus brief.

Naval Solicitor, §133/h Monday to Friday
Your service jacket speaks for itself, showing that you have gone above and beyond the duty of the JAG Corps to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty to the fullest extents of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The SECNAV has been watching your progression carefully and notices your skills might be more beneficial to the Navy soon.

Deputy Solicitor General of the Navy, §152/h Tuesday to Friday
Your skills and charisma defending the face of the Navy in legal proceedings has made waves in the JAG Office. You represent the entire Navy when called upon to go to civilian courts to present your case and work closely with the Solicitor General and Legal Command. Your job is to work hand in hand with the Solicitor General to ensure the case is solid and ready for trial.

Solicitor General of the Navy, §177/h Monday to Friday
SECNAV and the Judge Advocate General have called upon your skill and appeal to defend the face of the Navy in legal proceedings in civilian court. You represent the entire Navy Department when called upon to go to civilian courts and present your case.

Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy, §244/h Tuesday to Friday
After all your hard work, you are second in command of the JAG Corps. You have upheld the mission of justice, sat on several court-marshals, and selected the panel of Navy Admirals and Marine Generals. You’ve been promoted to Rear Admiral as well with your new role as Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy.

Judge Advocate General of the Navy, §293/h Tuesday to Friday
The Judge Advocate General of the Navy is the highest ranking uniformed lawyer in the Department of the Navy. You are the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and the Chief of Naval Operations on legal matters pertaining to the Navy and those duties prescribed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. With the elevation to Judge Advocate General, you are also now a Vice Admiral!

Information, Operations, and Intelligence Law
Cyber, Information Operation and Intelligence Division’s practice and responsibilities reflect the rapidly growing and evolving role of cyber, information operations and intelligence in Navy and military operations. The Cyber, Information Operations and Intelligence Law Division provides legal services and support regarding each discipline to the Navy Judge Advocate General, and judge advocates working in the fleet, at joint commands and across the range of military operations. The division also focuses on preparing Navy judge advocates for practicing cyber, information operations, and intelligence law, as well as developing practice opportunities for Navy judge advocates.

Cyber Division Lawyer, §133/h Monday to Friday
Cyber Law Division provides advice and support covering the wide range of legal issues that impact cyberspace operations, from review, application and interpretation of national-level policy and authority to the application of international law, specifically the laws of armed conflict. As cyber law issues cross the spectrum of national security legal practice, the division works with legal counsel for the Joint Staff and the Department of Defense General Counsel’s office, as well as coordinating with OJAG’s Operational and Intelligence Law Division.

Intelligence Division Lawyer, §142/h Tuesday to Friday
The division provides legal advice to the JAG and DJAG on intelligence operations that concern the use of sensitive information and addresses legal issues relating to special access programs and intelligence oversight. The Division consults and supports legal advisers for the DCNO for Information Dominance and the Commander of Fleet Cyber Command. The Division also works with other agencies, particularly the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Departments of Justice, State, Interior, Energy, and Homeland Security regarding intelligence law matters.

Operations Logistics Lawyer, §163/h Tuesday to Friday
With the expansion of Information Operations from five core capabilities (one of which was previously cyber) to a broader spectrum of capabilities, including strategic communications, civil-military operations and intelligence, legal support to such operations has also greatly expanded. In addition to the Division’s traditional focus on military information support operations and military deception, the Division provides advice and support to operational judge advocates on the application of domestic law and policy to these activities.

Advisor to the Naval General Counsel, §184/h Tuesday to Friday
The Judge Advocate General of the Navy, advises the General Counsel of the Department of the Navy, who is the senior civilian lawyer in the U.S. Department of the Navy and is the senior legal adviser to the Secretary of the Navy. The Office of the General Counsel of the Navy provides legal advice to the Secretary, the Under Secretary of the Navy and the various Assistant Secretaries of the Navy and their staffs.

Commander of Naval Legal Service Command, §212/h Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
The Naval Legal Service Command is a command of the United States Navy that provides legal services for members of the Navy and Marine Corps. It is responsible for running various Naval Legal Service Offices throughout the world. You are responsible for running it.

Military Justice
Legal issues unique to military justice include the preservation of good order and discipline, the legality of orders, and appropriate conduct for members of the military. Some states enable their military justice systems to deal with civil offenses committed by their armed forces in some circumstances. The offenses covered by the UCMJ include those encompassed by “high crimes and misdemeanors” which covers officials generally, and includes perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order. It also includes ordinary crimes, but perhaps with different standards of proof and punishment than for civilians, on the grounds that more is expected of military personnel by their oaths of office. Many of the terms used date back to the era during which the code was written. Your job is to uphold the law, and defend the innocent while maintaining the integrity of the Department of the Navy.

Chief Justice of Trial Judiciary, §145/h Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
The Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary (NMCTJ) is a joint Navy-Marine Corps activity led by a Chief Trial Judge who serves as Officer-in-Charge. Its mission is to provide certified military judges for Navy and Marine Corps general and special courts-martial and hearing officers for sanity hearings on confined prisoners. In addition, military judges sometimes serve as Article 32, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) preliminary hearing officers.

Chief Justice of the Court of Criminal Appeals, §163/h Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat
Pursuant to the statutory authorities listed below, the NMCCA reviews courts-martial in which the sentence includes a punitive discharge, confinement of one year or more, or death; interlocutory appeals by the government; sub-jurisdictional cases sent to the Court by the Judge Advocate of the Navy; petitions for new trials; and extraordinary writs filed under the All Writs Act.

Assistant Judge Advocate General, Chief Justice of the Navy, §185/h Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat
The AJAG, Chief Judge, Department the Navy, oversees the worldwide Department of the Navy “Judicial Enterprise”; is the reporting senior for the Chief Judge of the Trial Judiciary and the judges of the Navy-Marine Corps Courts of Criminal Appeals (NMCCA); is the principal strategic planner for professional development, selection, training, and deployment of the judiciary; oversees all inquiries into judicial misconduct; serves as the Navy’s judicial representative on the Code Committee; serves as the Chairman of the Judicial Screening Board; is the principal strategic planner and community sponsor for the military justice litigation career track, and is the principal advisor for courtroom design and judicial security.

Assistant Judge Advocate General, Chief Justice of Civil Law, §207/h Tuesday to Friday
The Assistant Judge Advocate General (Civil Law) / (General Law) has primary supervisory responsibility for administrative law matters involving the Department of the Navy; air, sea, space and environmental law; government ethics; military personnel law; the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act programs, including FOIA and Privacy Act appeals under the cognizance of the JAG; domestic and international laws and regulations; special programs involving matters of espionage and as well as primary responsibility for admiralty, civil affairs, investigations, general litigation, claims and legal assistance matters. Assigned additional duty as Commanding Officer, Naval Civil Law Support Activity.

Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy, §275/h Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
After all your hard work, you are second in command of the JAG Corps. You have upheld the mission of justice, sat on several court-marshals, and selected the panel of Navy Admirals and Marine Generals. You’ve been promoted to Rear Admiral as well with your new role as Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy.

Tthere will be updates to the career AS NEEDED. Please be sure to enter comments about the bugs and glitches in the comments as they occur so that I can fix them quickly!
Thank you!

Updated 1/22/19
REMOVED both Versions of Career. New Updated Career files are proper translations in French and German and corrections to English made by Google Auto-Translating the Career Maker Page.

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