The Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff (V3) Mod

The Sims 4 IKEA Home Stuff (V3) Mod

11-05-2021 UPDATE: The chair has now been updated to work with the latest patch. Please redownload PART 1 only and replace it with the old version!

06-08-2020 UPDATE: You can now find all the items in the pack by searching “ikea stuff” or “simsi45” in the search bar. You can also distinguish the items with the new custom icon! Also made some minor adjustments to visuals, and updated some tuning files. PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD AND REPLACE BOTH PARTS!![/B]

28-07-2020 Update: Fixed the beds so sims can now knit on them!

22-1-2020 Update: Fixed the beds for the latest update so they can now properly be upgraded! ( For the update to take effect please only redownload Part 2 of the mod as Part 1 remains unchanged!)

Hey all!
I’m so excited to release my latest project:

Now your sims can decorate their homes, with affordable, stylish furniture from IKEA.
68 brand new items, including sofas, beds, dressers, lights, decor: everything you need to make your home happy.

1) EVERYTHING has been playtested within the game.
2) I added A TON of custom recolors so you can mix and match to your liking.
3) All items contain the original names and descriptions. Some prices have been altered so they can fit better, within the rest of TS4’s build/buy catalog entries.
4) I modified and added a couple *brand new* additional meshes (such as the KARLSTAD loveseat) to make the sets feel complete.
5) The pillows of the “KLIPPAN Sofas”, have been slightly modified because there was some clipping with the original meshes.(I also added a brand new mesh without the pillows)
6) The “EXPEDIT TV Unit” has been split apart. The TV and the unit are two separate objects. The Unit itself, acts as a bookshelf with slots to put clutter and the TV on.
7) The “FROG Plushie” is a brand new mesh (split from the LACK Shelf) to replace the “heart pillow” from the original pack. For some reason I couldn’t get the original pillow to work.
Fortunately, frogs are cuter than hearts.

What’s Included?
This is a conversion of the entire “Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff” Pack, including 68 brand new items for your sims’ homes. Here is everything included in this pack,categorized by function.


1.MALM Single Bed – 360$
2.MALM Double Bed – 580$
3.HEMNES Single Bed – 480$
4.HEMNES Double Bed – 730$
5.ANES Double Bed – 710$

Comfort/Living Chairs:
6.EKTORP Armchair – 460$
7.KARLSTAD Armchair – 440$
8.POANG Armchair – 130$

9.EKTORP Two Seat Sofa – 630$
10.KARLSTAD Two Seat Sofa – 575$ *custom mesh made by me*
11.KLIPPAN Two Seat Sofa – 365$

12.EKTORP Three Seat Sofa – 660$
13.KARLSTAD Sofa – 700$
14.KLIPPAN Sofa – 510$
15.KLIPPAN Sofa (Lite) – 500$ *custom mesh made by me*

Comfort/Dining Chairs:
16.JULES Visitors Chair – 55$

Surfaces/Coffee Tables:

17.LEKSVIK Coffee Table – 175$
18.IMFORS Coffee Table – 190$

19.VIKA/GREVSTA Table – 160$
20.VIKA/HYTTAN Table – 225$

Surfaces/Accent Tables:
21.LACK Side Table – 20$
22.HATTEN Side Table – 40$
23.MALM Chest of Two Drawers – 60$
24.HEMNES Bedside Table – 75$
25.HEMNES Round Bedside Table – 145$

26.FREDRIK Workstation – 300$

27.HELMER Drawer Unit on Castors – 58$
28.IKEA PS Cabinet – 146$


29.BLADET 3 Plant Pots – 23$
30.VASEN Vase – 29$

31.RIBBA Frame – 31$
32.BILD, Doggy Dream – 39$
33.BILD, Poster Yin and Yang – 45$
34.PJATTERYD Picture – 102$
35.PJATTERYD Picture Zebra – 102$
36.PREMIAR Picture, NYC – 289$

37.KRABB Mirror – 29$
38.KRABB Mirror (tall) – 35$
39.VANNA Mirror – 58$
40.MONGSTAD Mirror – 146$
41.HEMNES Mirror – 150$

42.RAKET Table Easel – 30$
43.IKEA STOCKHOLM Vase – 59$

44.IKEA Minnen Groda Frog Pillow Plush – 17$

45.RINGUM Rug – 15$
46.SVEJE Rug – 25$
47.ULDUM Rug – 363$
48.IKEA PS Rug – 436$

Decor/Wall Decorations:
49.LACK Wall Shelf.1 – 32$
50.LACK Wall Shelf.2 – 44$
51.LACK Wall Shelf.3 – 58$

52.BENNO CD Tower – 75$

Lighting/Table Lamps:

53.KILA Work Lamp – 25$
54.LAMPAN Table Lamp – 26$
55.MYLONIT Table Lamp – 30$

Lighting/Floor Lamps:
56.MAREK Lamp – 50$
57.STORM Floor Lamp – 90$

Lighting/Ceiling Lamps:
58.REGOLIT Pendant Lamp Shade – 65$


59.EXPEDIT Flat-Panel TV – 1750$

60.IKEA PS Clock – 73$


61.BILLY Bookcase – 190$
62.EXPEDIT TV Storage Unit – 550$

63.MALM Chest of 3 drawers – 120$
64.MALM Chest of 6 drawers – 190$
65.HEMNES Chest of 3 drawers – 220$
66.HEMNES Chest of 6 drawers – 340$
67.ANES Chest of 4 drawers – 290$
68.ODDA Wardrobe – 440$

This is a 2 part download (had to split due to size):
~Part 1 includes everything except the beds.
~Part 2 includes the beds ONLY.

That should cover everything
I’m soooo happy I managed to finish this one. It took an incredible amount of time and effort, converting the objects,making the trailer, the song etc.
I really hope you all enjoy. Please leave your comments below (i love reading them )
For now I’ll be taking a short break from converting stuff. Love y’all

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis (for their original meshes and textures)
Sims 4 Studio
Photoshop SimPE


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