The Sims 4 Teen Style Stuff! Mod

The Sims 4 Teen Style Stuff! Mod

Give your teen Sims everything they need to express their individual style with all-new furniture and décor items.
Whether they’re “Goth”, “Thrasher”, or “Socialite”, let them deck out their entire lives in three teen themes as unique as they are!

1) EVERYTHING has been playtested within the game. Please follow all the instructions for a smooth gaming experience!
2) You can easily find everything included in the pack by searching for “simsi45” or “teenstyle” in the search bar in-game
3) As mentioned above the vanity table requires the Vintage Glamour SP.
4) I split the TV screen from the TV stand to allow for more customization options.
5) The lamps have been correctly vertex painted, so they light up properly when the lights are on!
6) I’ve added some additional custom recolors on various items to make them more versatile.
7) Updated some broken textures to look more crisp!
8) The “Sporty Lines” wallpaper, has some seams when using certain sections. This is due to the game wrapping the texture around the wall, and unfortunately can’t be fixed.

What’s Included?!
With this pack you get 49 brand new items including wallpapers, floors, desks and so much more! More specifically:

1. Side by Side by Darknes – 1499$ [Energy score:6]
2. Fit for Royalty by It Creations – 650$ [Energy score:4]
3. Simple Single by Fun in the Sun – 550$ [Energy score:4]

Comfort/Dining-Desk Chairs:
4. Seat of High-Backed Terror by Darkness – 395$
5. Ahead of the Table by It Creation – 195$
6. You’re So Vanity Stool by It Creations – 50$
7. Roll On by Fun in the Sun – 160$

Comfort/ Living Chairs:
8. Fluffy Rocker by Fun in the Sun – 395$

Surfaces/Accent Tables:
9. Patchwork End Table by Darkness – 195$
10. Subtle Touch End Table by It Creations – 165$
11. Curves and Swerves End Table by Fun in the Sun – 135$

12. Patchwork Desk by Darkness – 375$
13. Fine Finish Desk by It Creations – 275$
14. Swervy Curvy Desk by Fun in the Sun – 175$

Surfaces/Coffee Tables:
15. The Television Television Stand – 230$

16. You’re So Vanity Table by It Creations – 750$

17. Cork It Over Memory Board – 95$
18. Create-a-Collage Poster Set – 133$
19. The It Poster – 63$
20. Hollywood Print – 49$

21. Mirror on the Wall by Darkness – 375$

22. Curves and Swerves Music Manager – 345$

23.Bullseye Throw Rug – 100$
24. Dirty Clothes Pile – 5$

Decor/Wall Decorations:
25. Princess Collection Coat Rack by It Creations – 125$
26. Anthony Roc Board Hanger by Fun in the Sun – 105$
27. Surfer Racka by Fun in the Sun – 525$

28. The Television Television Flatscreen Display – 1570$

29. TuneJammy Blammer Boombox – 200$

30. Pear ShinyStation XTR – 2000$

Lighting/Table Lamps:
31. Nova Table Lamp by Vintage Victorian – 160$
32. Lumosity Candle Holder by Darkness – 60$

Lighting/Ceiling Lights:
33. Four Star Ceiling Lamp by Vintage Victorian – 320$
34. Light Waves Ceiling Lamp by Fun in the Sun – 210$

Lighting/Wall Lamps:
35.Wall Flare Lamp by Vintage Victorian – 220

36. Tall and Terrible Armoire by Darkness – 760
37. Couture Clothing Chest by It Creations – 569$
38. Pompadour Dresser by Fun in the Sun -310$

39. Higher Education by Darkness – 426$
40. The Better Bookshelf by It Creations – 375$
41. EDUKATE Shelf by Fun in the Sun – 325$

42. Gothic Brocade – 5$
43. Quadricarpetal – 8$
44. Sporty Lines Wallpape – 7$
45. Sporty Splash Wallpaper – 6$

46. It’s Plushie! Carpe – 5$
47. Quadricarpetal – 8$
48. “Sporty Shorty” Carpet

49. Aged Gothic Wood – 6$


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