Tint Of Living Mod V1.0 Mod

Tint Of Living Mod V1.0 Mod

What does this MOD do?
This mod focuses on adding more gameplay into the game.

After School Activities:
This Mod has many after school activities for your Sims.

Currently, there is:
-Animation Club
-Baseball Team
-Anime/Manga Club
-Basketball Team
-Art Club
-Drama Club
-Graphic Design
-Japanese Club
-Martial Arts
-Spanish Club
-Russian Club
-Latin Club
-German Club
-French Club
-Chinese Club
-American Sign Language Club
-Ultimate Frisbee
-Yearbook Committee
-Student Council
-Water Polo
-School Band
-Chess Club
-Slam Poetry Club
-Boy Scouts
-Equestrian Club
-Girl Scouts
-Film Production Club
-Model Railroads
-Quilt Making
-Renaissance Faires
-Comedy Club
-Dungeons and Dragons Club
-Study Hall
-Archery Club
-Nerd Culture Club
-Literature Club
-History Club
-English Club
-Engineering Club
-Electronics Club
-Economics Club
-Chemistry Club
-Biology Club
-Astronomy Club
-Architecture Club
-Literary Magazine Club
-Math Club
-Peer Tutoring
-Poetry Club
-Physics Club
-Psychology Club
-Robotics Club
-Web Design Club
-Coding Club
-Aeronauctics Club

Additional Info:
-Each is from 4-6 P.M.
-For Child and Teen Sims

Food Allergies
Your Sims can have Food Allergies now!
-Food Allergy Trait
-Allergic Reaction Buff

5 New Social Interactions:
-Beg To Call Ambulance!!!
-Should I Use Epi-Pen?
-Ask For Ingredients
-Ask For Help!
-Ask About Allergy Meds

Blood Types
Your Sims can now have blood types!

4 New Blood Type Traits:
Blood Type A
Blood Type B
Blood Type O
Blood Type AB

New Interactions:
-Brag About Being Rarest Type
-Bond Over Blood Types
-Joke About Luck
-Be Arrogant
-Brag About Being 2nd-Rarest Blood Type!
-Be Cool Towards Sim
-Be Friendly
-Tell Blood Type B Pun!
-Brag About Being Universial Donor
-Tell To Not Force To Donate Blood
-O-Surprise Surprise!!! Tell About Being Most Common Type
-Convince To Donate Blood
-Make Blood Type A Pun
-Bond Over Common Blood Types
-Brag About Being A-mazing!
-Brag About Blood Type Matching With First Letter In Alphabet!

Plus A New Blood Donor Unpaid Career!
5 Levels:

-New Donor
-Getting Up There!
-Medical Legend
-Medically Precious

Boarding School
Your Teen Sims can now go to Boarding School!
-Rabbit Hole Career OR make an event to make it active!

Neighborhood Jobs!
Your Child Sims can now help out around the neighborhood to earn some pocket money!

10 new careers for kids:
-Snow Shoveller
-Bake Sale
-Lemonade Stand
-Mother’s Helper
-Pool Cleaner
-Leaf Raker
-Sale Stand
-Dog Walker

Childish Interactions/Traits
New interactions for your sims who don’t wanna grow up…
-Play Family Roleplay
-Talk About School Enemies
-Play Princess Roleplay
-Ask To Have Playdate
-Play Combat Roleplay
-Talk About Marvel Movies
-Ask For R.E.F.U.G.E Username
-Talk About Disney Princesses
-Convince To Join Friend Group
-Talk About Dumb Parents
-Ask To Be Friends
-Talk About Cute Animals
-Play Roleplay Game
-Talk About Latest Toy Commercials
-Ask To Be Best Friends

3 New Traits:
-12 Going On 30
-Spoiled Brat
-Voidcritter Addict

Anime Dere Types

10 New Traits:

New Social Interactions:
-Defend Significant Other
-Call Unattractive
-Confess Hatred To Sim
-Yell At
-Convince Sim To Break Up
-Call Sim A Loser
-Confess To Being A Baka
-Ask A Dumb Question
-Remesince On Failures
-What’s 1+1?
-Call Sim A Baka
-Ask What Sim’s IQ Score Is
-Tell A Sob Story
-Come Crying To Sim
-Ask To Be Friends
-Ask For Advice
-Fish For Sympathy
-Ask Sim About Antidepressants
-Bond Over Shyness
-Come Out Of Shell
-Explain Trust Issues
-Hide With Sim
-Pretend To Be Friend
-Convince Sim I Am The Best!
-Bully Sim
-Be Sour Towards Sim
-Call Sim A Nerd
-Make Day Better!
-Talk With
-Teach Sim How To Be Popular
-Be Cool And Kind
-Bond Over Favorite Anime
-Ask For A Day Out
-Talk Trash About Enemies
-Invite To Home
-Fish For Compliments!
-Convince Sim To Be Royal
-Ask Sim To Bow Down
-Tell About “Kingdom”
-Tell About Magic Realm
-Be My Personal Servant!
-Ask Sim To Be Familiar
-Ask To Pray
-Enthuse To Vandalize A Catholic Church
-Enthuse To Be A God Too!
-Convince To Join Religion
-Convince To Worship

Drama Interactions
You can now have more drama in your game!

8 New Stereotypical Traits:
-Theatre Kid

New Drama Interactions!
-Recruit To Clique
-Try To Make Friends
-Try Hard To Make Friends
-Talk About Favorite Celebs
-Talk About Viral Cat Videos
-Talk About Latest Fashion Trends
-Make Small Talk
-Talk About Gaming YouTubers
-Talk About Athletes
-Ask About Family
-Talk About Latest Music
-Talk About Favorite Anime
-Talk About Books
-Exchange Dirty Secrets
-Gain Trust
-Talk Trash About Sims
-Make Fun Of Stereotype
-Jinx Sim
-Betray Sim
-Make Death Threat
-Expose Sim’s Secrets!
-Confess To Being A Fake Friend
-End Friendship With Sim
-Read Sim’s Diary Entry To Sim
-Phony Fibs
-Shun & Snub
-Call Sim An Idiot
-Public Fight!!!

Eating Disorders
This Mod brings eating disorders to TS4!

2 New Traits:

New Social Interactions:
-Ask About Keto Diet
-Ask About Bulimia
-Ask For Ways To Relieve Symptoms
-Ask About Mental Hospitals
-Ask For Ice Cubes For Lunch
-Ask About Water
-Ask If Fat
-How Much Do U Weigh?
-Obsess Over Body

Your Sim can now be immortal.
-Adds New Immortal Trait. Your Sims cannot die or age up past young adult.

New Social Interactions:
-Ask About Immortality
-Ask If Supernatural
-Brag About Immortallity
-Bully Mortal
-Give Kiss Of Life

Be aware. not all people are the nicest!
-New Added Karen Trait

New Social Interactions:
-Ask For Manager
-Call Out For Being Noisy…
-Talk About Wine
-Talk About Annoying Employees
-Ask Out For Wine Date
-Ask For Karen Move Ideas

-High School Reunion
-Baby Shower
-Bachelor(ette) Party
-Field Trip
-Girls Night Out
-College Reunion
-Christmas Party
-New Year’s Eve
-Thanksgiving Dinner
-Movie Night
-Housewarming Party
-Pool Party
-Happy Hour
-Game Night
-Campaign Rally
-Family Reunion

-Added Middle School
-Added Personality Types, all 16!
-Made Nanny and Maid Playable
-Added Menstrual Cycle! (Female Teen-Elder Sims)
-Added Playable Preschool For Toddlers!
-Added Playable High School And Elementary School!
-Added Private School For Child And Teen!
-Added Sailor Senshi Inspired By “Sailor Moon” anime.
-Added A New Aspiration: Pop Star!
-Changed Emotion Terms

AND: Revamped Forgotton Hollow into a Farm World!!!

Additional Credits:
Made Using TS4 Mod Constructor by Zerbu


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