Expanded Booleans Mod

Expanded Booleans Mod

What does this do?
The game keeps an internal list of boolean phrases. Whenever you enter a cheat code that involves a yes or no / true or false it determines which is which from the official internal list. All this mod does is expand that list to include a suite of extra true and false words.

Is this only for certain cheat codes?
No, it’s for all cheat codes that use the official list which I imagine all EA cheat codes will. If any mods use the official list these will work on them as well but, unfortunately, most most mods use their own internal list.

Will this conflict with mods?
It shouldn’t, this doesn’t replace or remove any list items or code. It simply expands the official list further. There shouldn’t be any mod conflict.

Can I expand the list further myself?
No, it’s something I want to add in but at this time the list is pre-programmed.

Is there localization for other languages?
No, right now it’s mostly US English with some others mixed in. Localization is very important to me so this will be a planned upgrade. Right now I don’t have the understanding to make localized yes and no values possible so that I can encompass other countries and languages but I do recognize the importance in doing so.

How do I uninstall this?
Close the game and delete the mod

What expansion packs does it take?
No expansion packs or DLC required. I don’t even have them on my machine lol. It’s just an extremely simple little mod that expands 2 internal lists.

What’s the official boolean list?
‘t’, ‘true’, ‘on’, ‘1’, ‘yes’, ‘y’, ‘enable’

‘f’, ‘false’, ‘off’, ‘0’, ‘no’, ‘n’, ‘disable’

What does this mod add to it?
The options in the list below contain ‘: )’ and ‘: (‘. In this post a space is used between them so their not converted to an emoji by the forum however in the game you won’t add a space between them.

‘: )’, ‘^_^’, ‘absolutely’, ‘accept’, ‘affirmative’, ‘agreed’, ‘all-right’, ‘approve’, ‘aye’, ‘aye-aye’, ‘beyond-a-doubt’, ‘by-all-means’, ‘certainly’, ‘definitely’, ‘for-a-fact’, ‘granted’, ‘indeed’, ‘mmhmm’, ‘of-course’, ‘on-the-dot’, ‘on-the-money’, ‘on-the-nose’, ‘positively’, ‘really-really’, ‘realy-truly’, ‘right-on’, ‘roger’, ‘sure’, ‘sure-thing’, ‘to-a-tee’, ‘to-the-t’, ‘totally’, ‘totes’, ‘uh-huh’, ‘undoubtedly’, ‘unquestionably’, ‘very-well’, ‘way’, ‘with-certainty’, ‘ya’, ‘yaas’, ‘yea’, ‘yeah’, ‘yep’, ‘yeppers’, ‘you-bet’, ‘yup’, ‘yuppers’

‘: (‘, ‘-_-‘, ‘decline’, ‘deny’, ‘disagree’, ‘disapprove’, ‘dissent’, ‘doubtful’, ‘na’, ‘nah’, ‘naw’, ‘nay’, ‘negative’, ‘no-way’, ‘nope’, ‘not-on-my-life’, ‘not-on-my-watch’, ‘nuh-uh’, ‘object’, ‘oppose’, ‘refuse’, ‘reject’, ‘unaccepted’

Other stuff to add?
This mod is incredibly simple, only 1 file with 8 lines of code. It’s part of a tutorial series to try and help aspiring new modders learn the ropes and get into modding. You can read the tutorial for this project here .

License and Open Source
This mod is licensed Apache2 meaning you can do whatever you want to with it as long as you credit me back. It’s also open source, the code is both in the tutorial link above and inside the ts4script file next to the license file. If you’re into modding then you may enjoy opening the ts4script file and looking at the python code, feel free to tweak and change up the coding to experiment which is the best way to learn and if you make something you think is very interesting out of my mod feel free to publish it and leave a note that it was modified from my code. I hope to see more Sims 4 script modders.


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