Fully Waterproof Servos Mod

Fully Waterproof Servos Mod

Tired of your servos breaking down every time they touch a single drop of water?
Then this mod is for you!

This mod makes servos immune to negative effects of direct contact with water.
This is my first mod! Please report bugs if you find any!

Works on:
✅ Bath tubs
✅ Hot tubs
✅ Showers
✅ Ocean waters
✅ Swimming pools
✅ Kiddie pools
✅ Garden sprinklers

❌ Protection from rain is NOT guaranteed.

Bonus feature: Taking a bath will clean your servo’s cogs of that pesky grime, and their durability meter will be filled instantly!

Recommended additional mod:
Rainproof Electronics & Servos! by simmytime
I couldn’t figure out how to do rain, but the user simmytime already made a rainproof Servo mod before me, so if you have Seasons DLC installed, I recommend you download this mod along with mine.

Modified values and detailed descriptions:
loot_Humanoid_Robot_DurabilityLoss_AddWetness >>> Amount set to 0
(Servos will not gradually lose durability due to being wet)

buff_Motives_Humanoid_Robots_DurabilityLossFrom_Water_High >>> Value, mod type and weight set to 0
buff_Motives_Humanoid_Robots_DurabilityLossFrom_Water_Low >>> Value, mod type and weight set to 0
(Being submerged in water will not drain servos’ durability at all)

loot_Humanoid_Robots_DurabilityLoss_Immediate_low >>> Amount set to 0
loot_Humanoid_Robots_DurabilityLoss_Immediate_high >>> Amount set to 0
loot_Humanoid_Robots_DurabilityLoss_Immediate_Target_high >>> Amount set to 0
(Servos will not instantly lose durability upon entering a shower or a bath tub)

loot_Humanoid_Robots_Durability_SetMin >>> statistic_set_min replaced with statistic_set_max
(Entering a bath tub will instantly fill durability instead of instantly draining it, this does not apply to showers or hot tubs)


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