Hacker Career (Updated 12/8) Mod

Hacker Career (Updated 12/8) Mod

Updated for Get Famous!

Hacker Career Base game compatible.

Skills: Video Gaming and Programming.

Based off The Sims 2 Hacker Career. (Rabbit Hole Career and VERY GOOD PAY!)

Ages: Young Adult to Elder

Level 1: Beta Tester 50/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills needed: Programming 1 and Video Gaming 1
Put the next version of the software through its paces, and break it as often as possible. The Company is depending on you to make sure this code arrives on the store shelves in the cleanest possible condition, provided you don’t rack up too many late-night pizza bills.

Level 2: Support Tech 150/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills needed: Programming 2 and Video Gaming 2
Time in the testing trenches has earned you a break working on the phones. The hours are more regular, but the work isn’t very entertaining. Keep up on the latest technology trends, and watch out for those nifty bugs that slipped through the cracks. Keep your customers happy…

Level 3: Web Master 200/hr
Monday – Saturday
Skills needed: Programming 3 and Video Gaming 3
Your understanding of what the company has to offer and what the customer is looking has you uniquely suited to creating (and maintaining) the company’s website. Expect late-night work to avoid high-traffic downtimes, and requests from literally everyone in the company for changes and additions to your fine work.

Level 4: Hacker 240/hr
Skills needed: Programming 4 and Video Gaming 4
Answering to the world was for the birds, so causing trouble on your own time has all the advantages you’ve been seeking. Keep your mind sharp so you can infiltrate government databases and eventually hone your skills to go after those international banks.

Level 5: Security Consultant 400/hr
Skills needed: Programming 5 and Video Gaming 5
Getting caught breaking into that government database had you on the brink of incarceration. Fortunately, the SimCitySoftware Company needs someone to help protect their Intellectual Properties from people with just your kinds of skills, so they’ll let you out on probation if you agree to beef up their electronic security. Keep your creative and logic skills high to outsmart your former friends’ assault on your new company’s firewall.

Level 6: Game Designer 610/hr
Skills needed: Programming 6 and Video Gaming 6
Good thing you’ve gotten so creative of late – turns out your ideas for games caught the eyes and ears of the Powers That Be. Now the pressure’s on for you to deliver a game script that will capture the public’s interest, as well. This also means that you get to work nights, since that’s when the engineers are at the office.

Level 7: Internet Entrepreneur 800/hr
Monday – Friday
Skills needed: Programming 7 and Video Gaming 7
Take your brilliant ideas out into the e-commerce world on your own. Hours are ridiculously long, the work is physically and mentally exhausting, but the payoff could be big at the end of the road. Make sure you don’t overspend all your VC budget in the first month, and there’s a chance others may want to work for you.

Level 8: Software CEO 900/hr
Skills needed: Programming 8 and Video Gaming 8
If you lead, they will follow…. and they have. You are now a hard-working, headline-making software industry baron, with impossible work hours, lots of healthy industry competition, and a P/L report to die for.

Level 9: Venture Capitalist 950/hr
Skills needed: Programming 9 and Video Gaming 9
All those stock options paid off – now that you’ve gotten more liquid, you can pick and choose which struggling little startups will earn your magnanimity, as well as the prestige of your name as a backing for their work.

Level 10: Information Overlord 1000/hr
Skills needed: Programming 10 and Video Gaming 10
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the hours eased up, the public became both worshipful and insufferable, and you have all the answers that everyone else in technology is seeking. You can become increasingly reclusive, bulking up your home security system, and taking lots of phone calls, but the money just keeps rolling in.

I am working on the updated one, which has more realistic wages.
Level 1: Beta Tester 20/hr
Level 2: Support Tech 30/hr
Level 3: Web Master 40/hr
Level 4: Hacker 50/hr
Level 5: Security Consultant 75/hr
Level 6: Game Designer 85/hr
Level 7: Internet Entrepreneur 100/hr
Level 8: Software CEO 125/hr
Level 9: Venture Capitalist 150/hr
Level 10: Information Overlord 150/hr

Thank you!


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