Hair-Trigger Temper Trait Mod

Hair-Trigger Temper Trait Mod

This trait is meant to serve as Hot-Headed on steroids, essentially. It conflicts with Cheerful, Gloomy, Hot-Headed, and my Gentle trait, Many buffs are replaced with Angry ones, including most of the buffs for low needs. On top of this, Angry moodlets wear off 10% slower. Keeping this Sim alive may end up being a challenge if you don’t have a mod to suppress emotional deaths!

-Their short-tempered nature makes them difficult to get along with. So difficult, in fact, that relationship gains will be halved while losses will be doubled. This also makes Social skills harder for them to learn by half.
-With Parenthood, they’ll have a penalty to Empathy, Emotional Control, Conflict Resolution, and Manners.
-They have the following Whims: Throw Tantrum, Fight a Sim, and Kick Trash Can.
-They have the following occasional buff:
-Feeling Furious- +3 Angry
-Sims with a Hair-Trigger Temper fly into a rage over the littlest things.

The following buffs are altered:
Hungry -> Hangry- +1 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} is hungry, and that’s going to become everyone else’s problem very quickly.
Famished -> Extremely Hangry- +3 Angry
Gluttony and a Hair-Trigger Temper make for a bad combination on a hungry Sim!
(Ravenous is unchanged, since it is a state of literal starvation and the Sim would be too weak to think of anger.)
Tired -> Cranky- +1 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} gets even snippier than usual when tired.
Exhausted -> Fuming on Fumes- +3 Angry
Anger is the only thing keeping {0.SimFirstName} awake!
Needs Amusement -> Needs Amusement- +1 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} isn’t happy about having nothing to do.
Desperate for Fun -> Desperate for Fun- +3 Angry
If {0.SimFirstName} doesn’t have fun soon, they might start lashing out!
Lonely -> Lonely- +1 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} doesn’t usually want to talk to people, but when they do, they find themself lashing out at the world for their loneliness.
Very Lonely -> Very Lonely- +2 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} is furious that their social needs as an Outgoing Sim haven’t been satisfied!
Desolate -> Desolate- +3 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} is full of hate for a world that’s left them alone for so long.
Abandoned -> Abandoned- +4 Angry
When {0.SimFirstName} is this lonely, they don’t know how else to process it but in blinding anger.
Grungy -> Grungy- +1 Angry
Nobody look at {0.SimFirstName} while they’re like this!
Filthy -> Filthy- +2 Angry
{0.SimFirstName} would hate to be seen so filthy!
Loser -> Sore Loser- +2 Angry
That had to be rigged. {0.SimFirstName} wasn’t supposed to lose!
You’re Better Than That & Win Some, Lose Some -> Sore Loser- +2 Angry
Sims with a Hair-Trigger Temper can’t stand it when they lose!


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