Ice Skating Career Mod

Ice Skating Career Mod

Ice and Cold. The two things you absolutely adore. You were born to skate on ice, but before you can show everyone what you are made off: you applied for a job at the Ice Rink in your neighborhood to get a little bit of a head start before trying out for the team.

This mod works fine with the lastest game patch:

Level 1: Ice Rink Cleaner
Hours: 18:00-21:00
Working Days: T-T-F-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Fitness 2

Put your gloves on! It is time to clean the ice rink. Well, all you really do is sit on a ice machine which shaves the ice clean from scratches.

Level 2: Skates Lessor
Hours: 9:00-15:00
Working Days: T-F-S-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Fitness 4, Ice Skating 2

As a skates lessor, you lend out, repair and sharpen the blades from skates. Every once in a while you get to test out new skates before others can buy them and try it out.

Level 3: Receptionist
Hours: 9:00-16:00
Working Days: T-F-S-S
Ideal Mood: Happy
Objectives: Fitness 6, Ice Skating 3

Your job as a receptionist is to sell tickets to customers, answer the phone and also collect all the new packages that get delivered by the front door. Your eye land on a folder that is left behind by your co-worker. They are looking for new ice skaters to compete in important competitions. Did your co-worker leave that behind on purpose? Or did they really just forget to bring it with them. Either way, you thank them silently for thinking about you.

Level 4: Try Outs
Hours: 16:00-18:00
Working Days: M-W-F-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Fitness 8, Ice Skating 5

Today is the day to show the coaches that you are no joke and actually can twirl on your skates. You have to move fast because you actually called in sick for work, you let your favorite co-worker know what the drill is so they can cover for you if your boss ask any questions. Now, put on your skates and show them what you got!

Level 5: Shape Up!
Hours: 6:00-9:00
Working Days: T-T-F-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Fitness 10, Ice Skating 7, Charisma 2

You did it! You convinced the coaches to let you on their team and compete. All what is left before the biggest championship is here is to shape up. This consist off working out twice a day, eat healthy, do some healthy test and many more things. After your try outs and receiving the good news you get called to the office, your boss isn’t really happy with what you did and how you did it, but your new coach convinced your boss that you could be the next big thing. Well, if you would work for it of course. You promise yourself not to let them down.

Level 6: WNB Junior Championships
Hours: 12:00-16:00
Working Days: T-F-S-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Ice Skating 8, Charisma 4,

The WNB Junior Championships is around the corner, all the new athletes get to show off their moves and skating skills. If you do your best and if you rank in the Top 10 you will qualify for Nationals.

Level 7: WNB National Championships
Hours: 12:00-16:00
Working Days: T-F-S-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Ice Skating 10, Charisma 6

The WNB National Championships is around the corner, in the last big competition you ended up on the 7th place, however you need to do better this time because only the best 5 will qualify for the World Championships in London next year.

Level 8: WNB World Championships
Hours: 12:00-18:00
Working Days: M-F-S-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 8

The WNB World Championships is finally here, in the last competition you ended up on the 6th place. Normally you won’t be competing now, but one of the contestans got caught using drugs and the board dropped her from competing in this match and gave her spot to you. You need to focus, because the best 3 will qualify for The Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Level 9: The Olympic Winter Games
Hours: 11:00-17:00
Working Day: T-W-F-S-S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 10

It has been a long journey for you. From working at a Ice Rink to try outs and competing in the biggest championships. You are at the top and this will be your final chance to show the world what you got. Put on your skates and steal the show!

Level 10: Ice Skater
Hours: 12:00-17:00
Working Days: T-T-F-S
Ideal Mood: Happy

You did it! You won a gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games and now everyone wants to know your secret. You get invited to do some interviews on radio and tv and you get to go on tour to teach kids your technique and how to become the best of their kind.

Basic Download and Install Instructions:
1. Download: Click the File tab to see the download link. Click the link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.
2. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s).
3. Cut and paste the file(s) into your Mods folder
Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Need more information?
Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
If you don’t have a Mods folder, just make one.


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