Part-time Entertainer Career Mod

Part-time Entertainer Career Mod

– I included 2 versions. Please only download 1 of them.
Version 1 is compatible with base game + all EPs.
Version 2 – marked ‘GT’ – requires Get Together (it includes Version 1 + an extra branch, DJ, requiring the DJ skill).

– For both versions: In the base game, you can choose between Guitar and Violin within the same career. That was impossible to recreate, so I made 2 separate tracks: one for Guitar, and one for Violin.

Compatible with base game and EPs
Compatible with latest Patch version (your first notification, when you join the career, may appear textless. That doesn’t affect gameplay. Just ignore it; other than that, everything works perfectly.)

Salary range: §23/h to §1020/h [Musician], §1422/h [Comedian] or § 1443/h [DJ in Get Together version] Work schedule: Shifts are generally 3 hours long, scheduled late afternoon, or nighttime for the GT DJ branch.

Get paid to be the life of the party! Unleash your creativity on a part-time basis.

Level 1: Amateur Entertainer Your friends and family find you mildly amusing. Make sure they are laughing with you, not at you.
M T W T F – – [10am-2pm] §23 /h = §92 /d
PTO: 0.2

Level 2: Open Mic Seeker Hop from bar to lounge to club… Someone is sure to appreciate your talent!
M T – – F S S [5pm-8pm] §36 /h = §108 /d
Comedy 2
PTO: 0.21

Level 3: C-Lister Venues are starting to want to book you… if only to stand in for a last-minute cancellation.
M – – T F S S [5pm-8pm] §40 /h = §120 /d
Guitar 2
PTO: 0.23

Level 4: Opening Act Turn up the heat before the main act starts. If you open for successful performers, the large audience will certainly help you become more renowned.
M T W – F S – [5pm-8pm] §54 /h = §162 /d
Violin 2, Comedy 3
PTO: 0.25

TRACK 1: Part-time Comedian
You have a knack for turning sad or stressed Sims into jovial, playful rays of sunshine. No one can resist your sense of humour.

Level 5: Jokesmith A modern-day Harlequin, you can infuse comedy into everyday situations. No party is complete without you as the entertainment.
M – – T F – S [3pm-6pm] §67 /h = §201 /d
Comedy 6
PTO: 0.26

Level 6: Solid Storyteller Antiphrases, cliffhangers, onomatopoeiae… Your mastery of rhetorical devices never fails to captivate your audience.
– – – T F – S [5pm-8pm] §115 /h = §345 /d
Comedy 7, Charisma 2
PTO: 0.27

Level 7: Rising Comedian You are getting booked left and right. You have an agent. Strangers recognise you in the street. You must be on your way to the top!
– T – T F – – [5pm-8pm] §172 /h = §516 /d
Comedy 8, Charisma 4
PTO: 0.28

Level 8: Roast Master Your talent for the ancient art of roasting is without equal. Be careful not to anger too many Sims with your witty remarks!
– T – – F S – [5pm-8pm] §258 /h = §774 /d
Comedy 9, Charisma 6
PTO: 0.3

Level 9: Stand Up Star Your shows sell out within minutes. Fans bury you in roses at the end of every performance. Enjoy the stardom!
– T – – F S – [5pm-8pm] §310 /h = §930 /d
Comedy 10, Charisma 8
PTO: 0.32

Level 10: Show Stopper Beyond stand-up performances, you are now being recruited for TV shows and book deals. You are officially a celebrity!
– T – – F S – [5pm-8pm] §474 /h = §1422 /d
PTO: 0.34

TRACK 2 and TRACK 3: Part-time Musician [track 2: GUITAR – track 3: VIOLIN]
Do you have a soft spot for baroque sonatas, but you also enjoy rocking out to contemporary tunes? This part-time career will satisfy both sides of your musical talent.

Level 5: Jingle Jammer Try to develop a fanbase while playing in coffee shops and on street corners.
M – – T F – S [3pm-6pm] §67 /h = §201 /d
Piano 2, Guitar OR Violin 4
PTO: 0.26

Level 6: Serious Musician You have a good number of gigs lined up. If you wow your audience, a record label might take an interest in your work!
M T W – F S – [3pm-6pm] §78 /h = §234 /d
Piano 4, Guitar OR Violin 5
PTO: 0.27

Level 7: Professional Pianist From classical concertos in opulent opera houses, to jazzy tunes in smokey taverns… your music never fails to inspire your audience.
M T – T F S – [3pm-6pm] §87 /h = §261 /d
Piano 6, Guitar OR Violin 6
PTO: 0.28

Level 8: Symphonic String Player Your music has the power to sway the emotions of even the most cold-hearted Sim. Make every performance unforgettable.
M T – T F S – [3pm-6pm] §130 /h = §390 /d
Piano 8, Guitar OR Violin 7
PTO: 0.3

Level 9: Instrumental Wonder When it comes to musical technique, you boldly go where no Sim has gone before. Your innovations are sure to inspire future generations!
-TW T F S – [3pm-6pm] §208 /h = §624 /d
Piano 10, Guitar OR Violin 8
PTO: 0.32

Level 10: Concert Virtuoso You are the headliner, and your performances sell out in seconds. Sims everywhere dream of experiencing your unparalleled talent and avant-garde technique.
– – W T F S – [3pm-6pm] §340 /h = §1020 /d
PTO: 0.34

VERSION 2 (need Get Together)
Version 2 (GT) includes Tracks 1-3, described above, PLUS Track 4 (DJ), described here:

Track 4: DJ
Put the energy and excitement into Sim events by turning up the volume and showing off your original remixes!

Level 5: Amateur Audiophile Learn how to operate a turntable by assisting a more experienced DJ.
M – – T F – S [8pm-11pm] §72 /h = §216 /d
DJ 2, Charisma 2
PTO: 0.26

Level 6: Hooked on the Bass Line A party is not a party until you plug in your equipment, put on your headphones, and blast your rhythms.
– – – T F – S [9pm-12am] §112 /h = §336 /d
DJ 4, Charisma 4
PTO: 0.27

Level 7: Atmospheric Ace Be it a rave, rock ‘n roll night, or an elegant wedding, you set the atmosphere of any event. You are the Zeus of music.
– T – T F – – [10pm-1am] §164 /h = §492 /d
DJ 6, Charisma 5
PTO: 0.28

Level 8: Serious Spinner You are a regular in the party scene. Every Sim wants to hire you as the entertainer for their events!
– T – – F S – [10pm-1am] §278 /h = §834 /d
DJ 8, Charisma 6
PTO: 0.3

Level 9: Kind of a Big Deal Gone are the days of playing Tuesdays at the Rattlesnake. Only the most exclusive venues can hope to book you.
– T – – F S – [11pm-2am] §317 /h = §951 /d
DJ 10, Charisma 8
PTO: 0.32

Level 10: Celebrity Remixologist Your phenomenal remixes and your talent for setting the mood have skyrocketed you into DJ Superstardom. Your solo album will be released soon — it’s sure to be a hit!
– T – – F S – [11pm-2am] §481 /h = §1443 /d
PTO: 0.34


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