Sony PS5 Set (Functional) Mod

Sony PS5 Set (Functional) Mod

Now you will be more jealous of your sims! Time to ditch those blocky, unpopular consoles, cause the Sony PS5 is here! Basic needs? Social life? Love? Parenting? Who needs all of those when you’ve got a PS5? Watch your sim knock himself out with this next-gen console and have his neglected baby whisked away to child services.

Original ps5 mesh is by rtql8d, while Controller mesh is by Freddie Drabble! They are both from Sketchfab. I had permission to use the model (which has the Attribution license.) That said, anything else (texturing, uv mapping, mesh optimization, retail box, charger, and porting to TS4) are done by me.

This is a multi-part download:
CITY LIVING REQUIRED. If you don’t have City Living, just download the decorative (Deco) packages.

City Living

I wanted this to be base game compatible for everyone, but unfortunately making it so is beyond my skills atm. Sorry for those who don’t have City Living! As a consolation, I have included a decorative PS5 Console. It’s better than nothing.

Sony PS5 (Functional) – Activities & Skills > Recreation – §1255
Sony PS5 (Deco) – Decorations > Misc – §1255
PS5 DualSense Controller – Kids > Toys – §90
PS5 DualSense Charger Dock – Electronics > Misc – §50
PS5 DualSense Charger Dock (Full) – Electronics > Misc – §230
PS5 Retail Box Decorations > Clutter – §40

Glacier White
Matte black
Rose Gold
Metallic Silver
Jet Black

This pack doesn’t include a functional game controller or console game overrides. Those will be on a separate pack (I’ll upload them soon!)

Get the Functional PS5 Controller HERE. I’m going to make separate mods for the playable games I’ll update this section when it’s uploaded! And if you also have any PS5 games you want to see, let me know in the comments.

Black line artifacts appear when Edge Smoothing is turned on (Medium, Ultra settings). Turn off Edge Smoothing in Graphics Setting if you want them to disappear.
Artifacts appear in the docked controller when closeup (High, Ultra settings)

Let me know if you find any other issues!

Sweet, functional PS5
Multiple swatches
Semi-decorative PS5 Controller (only works as a kid’s toy)
PS5 Controller Dock Charger
PS5 Packaging Box
Unlimited supply. Never goes out of stock

Functional PS5 Game Controller (separate pack soon)
PS5 games (separate pack soon)
Scalpers and bots
Seto Kaiba’s outfit
Campus Arts Center building

This is a new object (no overrides!), based from the GoldiBox and Unorthobox Gaming Console objects from City Living.

Blender 2.79
Sims 4 Studio

rtql8d from Sketchfab (for the awesome PS5 model)
Freddie Drabble from Sketchfab (for the cool DualSense controller model)
Sony (console product)
Maxis (console interactions)
Sims 4 Studio community (tutorials)

We dont have any information about the author of this mod. If you are an author, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will add your credits.

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