Sound Swap Mod

Sound Swap Mod

Update 1.1 – Added the famous “Object Broken”-Tune from The Sims 1 with all possible variants

If you’re like me and rather want a more retro-like Sims feel for this game, when it comes to experience certain events then this may be the mod for you.

This mod replaces some of the event tunes in Sims 4 with some from Sims 3 and perhaps later other Sims games for example the first kiss tune gets changed to the one from The Sims 3.

Nostalgic, isn’t it?
To install this mod, simply drag the contents of the archive into your mod folder.

Following tunes can be replaced. Not all have to be replaced. Either use all of them or some of them by choosing the right packages in the archive for the tunes you want to replace.

For clarification, in order to replace the original pregnancy tune, the “sims3_sting_pregnant.package” must be installed and so on, use the list below for guidance:

Pregnancy Tune (sims3_sting_pregnant)
First Kiss Tune (sims3_sting_first_kiss)
Broken Object Tune (sims3_sting_object_broken/sims1_sting_object_broken)
Aspiration Completion Tune (sims3_bumper_aspiration_complete)
Aspiration Part Completion Tune (sims3_bumper_other_goal_complete) (Same as Skill Level Up Tune, when active)
Lot Intro Tune (Only working when loading into home lot from “Manage Worlds”) (sims3_bumper_new_game) (Same sound like Pregnancy Tune, when active)
Career Quit Tune (sims3_bumper_career_quit)
Skill Level Up Tune (sims3_sting_skill_progress)
Skill Mastered Tune (sims3_sting_skill_highest)
Grim Reaper Entrance Tune (sims3_sting_reaper_arrive) (Doesn’t always play, when Grim appears…)
Ghost Appearance Tune (sims3_sting_ghost_rise)
Career Promotion Tune (sims3_sting_career_progress)
Career Mastered Tune (sims3_sting_career_highest) (Same sound like Aspiration Completion Tune, when active)
Baby Birth Tune (sims3_sting_birth)
Romance Break Up Tune (sims3_sting_dating_break_up_bit)
Divorce Tune (sims3_sting_divorce_announce) (Same sound like in Romance Break Up Tune, when active)

Included Files replace following ressources. It is advised to only use one mod overwriting the listed ressource

(sims3_sting_pregnant) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_A0ACE88AFC44DDA1
(sims3_sting_first_kiss) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_B80D54AE5BB17285
(sims3_sting_object_broken/sims1_sting_object_broken) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_2F990521C3CF94E3
(sims3_bumper_aspiration_complete) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_1E05E0725FF942E6
(sims3_bumper_other_goal_complete) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_9707036D78DE868A
(sims3_bumper_new_game) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_5E770A76D6AC5621
(sims3_bumper_career_quit) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_DBC6BABF40428548
(sims3_sting_skill_progress) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_5CBC48B564C3093D
(sims3_sting_skill_highest) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_C6F8764888901192
(sims3_sting_reaper_arrive) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_B30C6E2495465325
(sims3_sting_ghost_rise) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_19398CC0D2B8F279
(sims3_sting_career_progress) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_641AE662BE7CA70E
(sims3_sting_career_highest) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_A9426069D28BE6D1
(sims3_sting_dating_break_up_bit) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_39A72AC1267FE377
(sims3_sting_divorce_announce) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_F6997B83746C6066
(sims3_sting_birth) -> S4_01A527DB_001407EC_5AC9C1EA2F2AF65B

This mod may get additional content in the future once I figure out more event tunes to change.

Planned for example is the “Wish Fulfill”-Tune and “Bladder Accident”-Tune from Sims 3 but haven’t found the right ressources for them yet.

Have fun turning Sims 4 more retro with these swapped sounds.


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