Ultimate Dancer Career **TESTED WITH 12/20/18 PATCH** Mod

Ultimate Dancer Career **TESTED WITH 12/20/18 PATCH** Mod

*** Tested with Get Famous (not required) and Game Version AKA the November 13, 2018 Update (definitely required) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the newest Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!

Also just as an FYI (because I thought it was a bug and was about to completely embarrass myself on Neia’s forum) as
of the last patch, EA removed the “ideal mood” for rabbit hole careers.
Oh… You knew that already… So… It was just me? Okay then…. Carry on.

I was very excited by the idea of the Dancer career by xterrix but I couldn’t get it to work since the new updates. And dance has so many possible career paths… the idea just wouldn’t leave me alone. Once I started working on it, it just kept growing.

This career is based on just a few of the many possible career path a real dancer might choose. So your Sim can pay those bills, the pay levels are based on EA careers (since actual dancers mostly do it for the love… the pay really isn’t that much unless you’re in the upper UPPER echelon).

The Neia Career Commons file includes the objectives to complete the required skills. So, you should be fine even if you don’t have Get to Work, but please let me know if you have any trouble and I’ll add a version without that skill.

And so, let the music play and lets get right into…

The Ultimate Dancer Career

From ballet and hip hop, to modern and tap, the world is literally at your feet when it comes to careers in dance. But, it’s not just about busting some moves, cutting some shapes or delicately performing an arabesque. Many are called to a career in dance, but few are chosen. You’ll have to work hard, train constantly and above all LOVE what you do. You may never be rich as a dancer, but the love of the public and your love of the dance might just carry you through.

Want Career Details? Click the Spoiler!

Dance Student
“You’ve got big dreams. You want fame. Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying: in sweat.” Pretty sure we’ve heard that one before. Your scholarship and work study pay the bills… barely but you’re too busy paying your dues to care. The hours are long, so stay focused. And it doesn’t end in class. Dance class is where you develop your dance skills. You develop greater dance fitness, strength and endurance to perform these dance skills with cross-training outside of class.
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 15
Daily Wage: 135
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 1, Charisma 1, Dance 1

Regional Company Dancer
Your first audition! Even at the regional level competition is fierce but you call on don’t have any quit in you. It took a few tries, but you’ve landed a contract with a local dance company. First Willow Creek… then the world! Keep training. A dancer dances always. You could probably work your way up in this small company, but you have your eye on a bigger pond. You want an apprenticeship with a national company!
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 16
Daily Wage: 128
Schedule: M T W T F S –
Fitness 2, Charisma 2, Logic 1

National Company Apprentice
The hope of a career with one of the world’s top ballet companies is limited to very few. But thanks to your never ending hard work and dedication, you are one of those few. You have gotten a contract for an apprenticeship with the San Myshuno Dance Company, a world renown dance ensemble! Sure, you’re at the bottom of the totem pole, but this your chance to catch the right eye to become a member, maybe even a soloist!
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 20
Daily Wage: 180
Schedule: M T W T F S –
Fitness 3, Charisma 3, Dance 2

Company Dancer
The transition from student to professional is challenging. But it’s made you stronger physically, mentally and artistically. As a full fledge member of the troop, your work is just getting started. Show up early, know your material and be prepared. Natural ability will only get you so far. You’ve got to show them all you have that “it” factor to keep all eyes on you as a soloist!
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 26
Daily Wage: 234
Schedule: M T W T F S –
Fitness 4, Charisma 4, Dance 3

Solo Dancer
At last! Terrible shame about that lead dancer and those stairs at the rehearsal hall. Nope. You didn’t push them, but you’re certainly ready to stop being an understudy and start being the dancer in the spotlight. Now that you’ve had your first successful solo, you’re a natural choice for the next one… and the one after that. But is this all you want? You’ve focused hard on being ready, always ready for any kind of dance, but there is one dance path that truly holds your heart. Are you ready to take the biggest risk of all and commit to one kind of dance career?
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 30
Daily Wage: 240
Schedule: M T W – F S –
Fitness 5, Charisma 5, Logic 2

Path 1: Classical Ballet
Classical ballet is one of the most demanding and respected forms of dance. It is known for its aesthetics and rigorous technique, its flowing, precise movements, and its ethereal qualities. A typical dancer goes through years of preparatory training, auditions for job placement, hours of ongoing classes and rehearsals, and harsh physical demands, while experiencing the joys of artistic work and performing on stage. Are you ready to play your part in bringing the tradition of classical ballet into the future?

Corps de Ballet
Your first Corps de Ballet contract… and in no less than the San Myshuno Ballet Company! But your work is just getting started. When you are a principal or soloist, you get nights off, but, in the corps, you are expected to dance every night. This is your life now… and you LOVE it! Being in SMBS’s corps is not like being a backup singer. The company promotes almost all its stars, the principal dancers, from within. So, while the corps is expected to be able to move in startling unison, its members are also competing for bigger roles and promotions. Improving your overall strength can’t hurt… perhaps yoga?
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 35
Daily Wage: 315
Schedule: M T W T F S S
Fitness 6, Charisma 6, Wellness 2

Second Soloist
After company class each morning, followed by back-to-back-to-back rehearsals, with occasional breaks for costume fittings or physical therapy, and then by the hair-makeup-costume-dance routine of daily performances, landing the title of Second Soloist feels like a dream. You’re still in the Corps but when the line breaks and Corps dancer perform their own mini-solo that dancer is you!
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 45
Daily Wage: 360
Schedule: – T W T F S –
Fitness 7, Charisma 6, Dance 4, Wellness 3

First Soloist
Soloists in a dance company dance… solos. Now, you often learn principal roles as understudy. Occasionally you perform them when the principal must miss a show. Some companies have a senior or first soloist rank, generally designated for the rising stars of the company. SMBC has that rank, and YOU are that rising star. Also, you now get the occasional day off! It’s like a dream. Pinch yourself all you like… but keep practicing!
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 75
Daily Wage: 600
Schedule: M – – T F S –
Fitness 8, Charisma 7, Dance 5

Principle Dancer
Going from soloist to principal is about imagination, the ability to take a role and make it your own. These dancers score leading roles and are the cornerstones of their ballet companies. As your fame increases, you often also appear in other companies’ performances as a guest star. You regularly perform not only solos, but also pas de deux. This is THE coveted position in the company and the most prominent position a dancer can receive.
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 131
Daily Wage: 917
Schedule: M – W T – S –
Fitness 10, Charisma 9, Logic 5

Artistic Director
As the Artistic Director, you usually come first in the ranks of the company and your biography describes a lifetime of impressive achievements. You are responsible for; looking to the future of SMBC and making decisions to forge their path. You contribute to programming choices. You’re involved with auditioning for new dancers and commissioning new choreographers to fulfill the criteria set by your creative vision. As Artistic Director, you influence not only the direction of a major dance company, in turn, you influence the dance world and therefore the direction of dance in general.
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 225
Daily Wage: 1800
Schedule: M T W – F – –
Charisma 10, Logic 8

Path 2: Modern Dance
Modern Dance started in the 20th century. As a reaction on the ballet technique – Modern dance was looking for more freedom within the techniques and /or more use of gravity. In its formation, the Modern genre was rebelling against the strict, regimented nature of classical ballet. Modern dance has evolved with each subsequent generation of participating artists. Artistic content has morphed and shifted from one choreographer to another, as have styles and techniques. Do you have the vision and the originality to take Modern Dance into its next evolution?

Theater Performer
Your experience and training with such a wide range of dance styles and techniques, including classical ballet, jazz, and even ethnic dance have prepared you well to audition for various roles. But your passion isn’t for dancing the techniques and steps of others. The rebel in you yearns for originality. And to be honest, you do your very best dancing when you’re improvising your own steps. Maybe it’s time to start your own thing.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 34
Daily Wage: 306
Schedule: M T W T F S –
Fitness 6, Charisma 6, Logic 3

Interpretive Dancer
Some choreographers ask dancers to improvise movement during a rehearsal or develop a phrase to go along with set choreography. Being able to create new movement is not rocket science—it takes creativity. Explore the way your body moves by improvising on your own. Try new things and do not be afraid to break outside of the barriers when creating new movement.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 40
Daily Wage: 320
Schedule: M – W T F S –
Fitness 7, Charisma 7, Dance 4

Lead Dancer and Choreographer
Your original moves and creative style have caught the eye of a modern dance company. The pro is the opportunity to have a more consistent income. The con, is that company members perform the same repertory and the same dance styles over and over again. You do get the opportunity to improvise… occasionally, but if you really want to call the shots you need to be a Director.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 64
Daily Wage: 512
Schedule: M T W – F S –
Fitness 9, Charisma 8, Logic 5, Dance 5

Dance directors typically oversee the production of a dance performance, whether on stage or in film. They are in charge of hiring dancers and choreographers, running rehearsals, and making decisions regarding creative and practical elements of the production. Now you call the shots and your creativity reigns… to a point. Even the boss has a boss, if you really want to create YOUR vision, maybe you should have your own company.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 166
Daily Wage: 1328
Schedule: M T W – F S –
Fitness 10, Charisma 9, Logic 6

Dance Company Founder
Starting a dance company is a little like having a child. It takes a lot of energy, involves sleepless nights and is definitely a labor of love. In both endeavors, there are inevitably critics who will hint that you don’t know what you’re doing. But you don’t care. Your company’s success speaks for you. These days you supervise every detail from lighting to costumes to the steps themselves, as you lead your “little’ dance company to international prominence!
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 410
Daily Wage: 2460
Schedule: M – W T F – –
Charisma 10, Logic 8

Path 3: Street Dance
Street dance or freestyle dance styles are primarily performed to modern music and has evolved into its own culture with increasing “mainstream” dance acceptance. It includes a wide range of styles such as krumping, tutting, breaking, locking, boogaloo, and popping. New styles and regional variations evolve all the time. The pay may not always be much… or any, but no one really goes into dance for the Simoleons. Can you make your way (and keep the lights on) in this most non-traditional of dance forms?

Your big break comes from YouTube… of course. Your dance videos regularly draw massive views and the monetizing helps you pay the bills and open doors for increasing opportunity for sponsorship and advertising revue… but is it sustainable, or even practical? Oh well, if nothing else you have an amazing portfolio for dance auditions!
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 32
Daily Wage: 256
Schedule: M T W T F S –
Fitness 6, Charisma 7, Dance 4

Video Dancer
You get around these days… You seem to be almost a fixture in the background of music videos. You decorate the stage at pop music and hip-hop concerts. You’ve even appeared on television and in commercials. Your excellent stage presence, strong technique and ability to innovate in your art keeps you moving forward while other dancers… stumble. It’s time to start calling the shots.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 40
Daily Wage: 320
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 7, Charisma 8, Dance 5

Video Choreographer
You got your first big break! An up and coming music artist saw your commercials and tapped you to choreograph their new video. That video goes viral. Now everyone wants to know who the dancer behind the dance is. As your cred grows, you start to develop your own style and artists start to vie for your precious time.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 67
Daily Wage: 536
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 8, Logic 4

Celebrity Choreographer
Your dance style is instantly recognizable. The jobs get bigger and better. When a dancer floats delicately through the air or comes to life in a recognizable series of bone-breaking moves, dance aficionados know the name behind it. Fans start to emulate your moves on dance floors across the world. Can you keep this movement going?
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 115
Daily Wage: 805
Schedule: – T W T F – –
Fitness 8, Charisma 9

Celebrity Dancer and Television Personality
Your moves are so well known now that they have their own genre. You regularly guest judge on dance shows around the world and appear as lead dancer on the stage and on screen. You’ve even had your own success as a performer thanks to the magic of auto-tune. Your career is so varied you almost never know what the day will bring that’s what dance is about!
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 310
Daily Wage: 2170
Schedule: – – W T F – –
Fitness, Charisma, Logic, Dance

Path 4: Choreographer
Choreographers typically are seasoned dancers who use dance performances to express ideas and stories. Choreographers create and teach dances to dancers to perform on stage during concert tours, theatrical performances, or film/TV projects. Do you feel compelled to make up your own steps, routines, and interpretations? You might consider pursuing a career in choreography.

Video Choreographer
There is no one formula for a great music video. Everything from no-frills performances and emotional close-ups to CGI fantasy worlds and plot-driven mini-movies can move audiences, go viral, and change the course of an artist’s career. But one thing is a must. If there’s dancing, someone has to make-up the steps. Your dance portfolio and never-ending dance ideas make this a great place to start!
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 54
Daily Wage: 432
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 6, Charisma 7, Logic 3

Stage Choreographer
Something about the stage just speaks to you. It brings you back to your dance beginnings and the frenetic pulse and creative demands of choreographing original stage productions suits you to a tee. The hours are long, but your style is original and distinctive, and the big companies are starting to take notice!
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 87
Daily Wage: 783
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 7, Dance 4

Film Choreographer
Lots of movies have dance scenes. Who gets called to choreograph more and more of those scenes? You do, of course! The return of the musical genre to film means more big dance movies and more work for you! Your distinctive style is in demand in a big way as you make a name for yourself (and not just in cheesy dance movies either… although those are fun too!).
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 130
Daily Wage: 1040
Schedule: – T W T F – –
Fitness 8, Charisma 8, Dance 5

Broadway Choreographer
Broadway choreography may seem most closely associated with jazz dance, but as the form evolves, the diversity of styles on a Broadway stage has exploded to include swing, tap, hip-hop, funk, and more—often within a single theatrical work. Your knowledge of dance and the discipline and creativity you bring to table keep you in high demand.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 208
Daily Wage: 1664
Schedule: – T W T F – –
Fitness 10, Charisma 9, Logic 5

Cole, Fosse, Bennett and you? Your dance brings shows to life and your moves may seem simple, even minimalistic but as you teach your moves in dance schools around the world, sweating students quickly find them incredibly difficult to master in all their subtle nuance. Your style choreography is almost a brand and choreographers around the world often call for a ball change, piqué passé or flip with YOUR name in front and a capital “The.” ICONIC!
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 480
Daily Wage: 2880
Schedule: – – W T F – –
Charisma 10, Logic 8

Path 5: Instructor
Dance teachers might teach in public or private schools, after-school programs, or private dance studios. They instruct their students in the basics of movement and the foundations of various styles of dance, such as tap, ballet, modern, and jazz. You literally can’t dance forever. What better way to stay close to your beloved field than to teach the fundamentals to budding dancers?

Youth Dance Teacher
Teaching children how to move to music and express themselves through dance can be a satisfying career opportunity with obvious rewards. To teach children you need a playful attitude, the ability to break down complicated dance steps and a flair for artistry. Oh. And patience. Lots and lots of patience.
Mood: Playful
Hourly Wage: 35
Daily Wage: 280
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 6, Charisma 6, Logic 4

Beginner Dance Instructor
A big part of a dancer’s life is getting feedback, in the form of constructive criticism. The best teachers know how to use feedback to correct and motivate their students. Now that you’re teaching adults, it’s important to remember that not every student in your class wants to be a professional dancer. Many are there out of simple enjoyment. Your goal with them is to help them reach their personal potential and develop into healthy human beings. It’s fun isn’t it?… Isn’t it?
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 44
Daily Wage: 280
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 7, Charisma 7, Logic 6, Dance 4

Assistant Advanced Dance Instructor
Now this is more like it. Under the direction and supervision of the Dance Coordinator you teach and assist the Lead Dance Instructor with dance programs. The students are serious about dance. The lead instructor has vision and you learn as much as you teach as you ready yourself to take on the role of lead instructor at a prestigious dance academy.
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 65
Daily Wage: 520
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 8, Charisma 8, Logic 8

Advanced Dance Instructor
The San Myshuno Ballet Company provides a unique educational experience for performing arts students, with individualized programs to help aspiring artists reach personal and professional goals and a comforting guiding hand to encourage and assist their pursuit of performance opportunities. At SMBC, you’re that comforting guiding and often demanding hand. Your students go on the become soloists and principle dancers and your dance program is emulated in schools around the country.
Mood: Focused
Hourly Wage: 105
Daily Wage: 840
Schedule: M T W T F – –
Fitness 10, Charisma 9, Logic 9, Dancing 5

Dance Mentor
Partnering with a group of SMBC dancers you created an online mentoring program. Depending on what level of membership subscribers want to pay for, they can gain access to an online master class once a month, receive audition notices for upcoming projects in their area, take part in monthly group mentoring sessions and even score virtual one-on-one time with… YOU. Dance students can get answers to their burning questions; pros can earn a little extra cash between rehearsals. It’s a win-win.
Mood: Inspired
Hourly Wage: 396
Daily Wage: 2376
Schedule: – T – T F – –
Charisma 10, Logic 10

Career cheat is tested and working!
testingcheats on
And then:
careers.promote career_Adult_UltimateDancer

Although I appreciate the inspiration provided by xterrix, I did not in ANY way base this on their or any other career.
It’s 100% my own creation and a LOT of work went into it. So…

Thank you so much in advance if you decide to try Ultimate Dancer. I hope your Sim enjoys living their dance dream and never uh… breaks a leg.

Basic Download and Install Instructions:

1. Download: Click the File tab to see the download link. Click the link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.
2. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s).
3. Cut and paste the file(s) into your Mods folder
Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Need more information?
Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
If you don’t have a Mods folder, just make one.


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