Ultimate SFL Player Career Mod

Ultimate SFL Player Career Mod

*** Tested with Get Famous (not required) and Game Version – November 13, 2018 Update (definitely required) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the newest Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!
Spa Day is recommended for the Coach Path (for the Wellness skill), but not required.
You can still advance with the cheat provided at the bottom of the post.

Also, just as an FYI (because I thought it was a bug and was about to completely embarrass myself on Neia’s forum)
as of the last patch, EA removed the “ideal mood” for rabbit hole careers.
Oh… You knew that already… Soooo… It was just me? Okay then…. Carry on.

This career a requested companion to my Ultimate SBA Baller career. It’s very similar but was requested for American Football. If you love basketball and football, this one is for you. You can have both this career and the SBA Baller careers in your game with no problems.

On the pay levels. Their INSANE by EA standards but they’re researched and reasonably accurate against actual annual pro NFL salaries and the other career tracks as well. They may look higher than SBA Baller but as you’re only playing for a day, well…. They’re still a bit higher, but… fun fact: Pro NFL players mostly make less than NBA players to start and then potentially much, MUCH more. It all even outs for the superstars in the end so don’t feel bad for the poor NBA millionaires k?

AS WITH SBA BALLER, when you start the bonus tracks, your pay levels will drop. That isn’t a glitch. Pros make the big Simoleons, but you’re starting over after your career ending injury. The game isn’t really set up for that though. You’ll get the standard message about a raise, but the amount of your raise will be a negative (whatever the drop is). Ironically you still get a bonus though, so still a win.
I tested this thoroughly through all the tracks and while it looks a bit funny, it doesn’t cause any problems and you continue to progress with raises after that as usual. SO, without further ado, on to…

Ultimate SFL Player

So, you want to be an Sims Football League athlete? You want to alter the course of the game and help create a dynasty? You want to be ICONIC? You want to Quarterback like Montana? Rush like Jim Brown! Be a ten-time Pro Bowler like the legendary Unitas? Well you gotta work! Dig deep! And when you think you’ve got nothing left… dig even DEEPER! You’ve got to WANT IT playa!

Career Details:

First Round Draft Pick
The annual SFL Draft gives the teams the opportunity to infuse their rosters with new talent. Each of the 32 clubs receives one pick in each of the seven rounds of the SFL Draft. The pundits called it. You were the one of the first to go. Grab your new team hat. Don’t forget to thank your mom! You got picked in the first round by Del Sol Valley! Go Stars!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 2845
Per Day: 8535
Schedule: ——S
Objectives: Fitness 4

Pre-Season Performer
Preseason is the period when SFL teams play several not-for-the-record exhibition games before the “regular” season starts. Management often uses the games to evaluate newly signed players. NOW is the time to show your team, coach and managers (not to mention the GM and owner) that all those dollars weren’t wasted. You’re a star playa… and it’s time for The Stars and the world to see it!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 3515
Per Day: 10545
Schedule: ——S
Objectives: Fitness 6, Charisma 1

Rookie Stunner
You made it! You’re in the SFL! Take a breath and relax… JUST KIDDING! This is the SFL. You cannot be late for meetings. You cannot sleep in like you did in college. You WILL be held accountable for every action you take. You are under the microscope on and off the field. And your showboat college athleticism just won’t cut it here. The worst SFL player is… good enough to be in the SFL. Take care of your body. Study your playbook. Find a mentor in the team and grind it out!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 6254
Per Day: 18762
Schedule: ——S
Objectives: Fitness 8, Charisma 3

SFL Superstar
Some players are will join the SFL’s most elite ranks, and some will be leaving the group in the upcoming season. You aim to be the former. The player who comes through. The one an owner builds a team around. A GM would literally break their arm before trading you. And if you went free agent, the other team would have to give up everything -including the kitchen sink- to acquire you. Season one and you have a Sims Bowl ring on your finger. Did someone say Dynasty?
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 9943
Per Day: 29829
Schedule: —T—
Objectives: Fitness 9

Championship Dynasty Leader
Most teams would be lucky to have one Michael Bachelor SFL Championship Trophy in their case. The Del Sol Valley Stars are a certified dynasty and every commentator (except the haters) attribute that to YOU. You’re being called the next John Elway… the next Brett Farve… the next*gasp* Tom Brady! You wake up in the morning and sign a new endorsement. You have more Simoleons than you can spend. As long as you’re not hobbled by a career ending injury, nothing can stop you!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 30142
Per Day: 90426
Schedule: M——
Objectives: Fitness 10, Charisma 5

Track 1: SFL Coach
When it comes to judging your job performance, everyone seems to be an expert and have the “qualifications” to criticize you. Fans, the media, and the team’s organization or administration all seem at the ready to offer you either the thumbs up or thumbs down signal. What’s even more frustrating is that so much of this external judgment comes from individuals who don’t seem to have a clue about you, your players, or what you’re trying to accomplish with the team. You know what you want though playa. You want to be the best… again.

SCAA Coach
We had to say it didn’t we? What an epic SACK! The highlight reel of your career ending injury went viral. Bones really shouldn’t stick out like that (or knees bend in that direction for that matter). Well the haters hated, and the media had a field day with “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” stories. But you hobbled on down to Pleasantville University and landed a sweet SCAA coaching gig. Sure, they basically hired you because your name will fill the stands, but you won’t rest until Pleasantville U. is next SCAA darling.
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 182
Per Day: 910
Schedule: -TW-FS-
Objectives: Logic 3, Wellness 3, Charisma 5

European American Football Coach
OK, maybe you’re no Bear Bryant. But your talent did catch the eye of an ESFL GM. Now you’re a European Sims Football League coach. Sure, it’s a tournament league and you had a leg up because you already speak the language. But, it’s a pro ball team, right? Just win an ESFL bowl. Simple. You’re good. So is your team. Keep those players focused and winning. Maybe you’ll fulfill your dream… Getting back to the SFL and back to Del Sol Valley!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 945
Per Day: 4725
Schedule: ——S
Objectives: Logic 5, Wellness 5

SFL Assistant Coach
Yes! You made the right connections and finally landed a plumb job in your beloved Del Sol Valley. The Stars have fallen on hard times since your femur decided it would rather be on the outside of your body, but you have a lot of ideas to get them back in fighting shape. Prove your worth and keep those Stars shining. That head coach is getting up there (and the owner isn’t too happy with the team record). Who better to fill his shoes than you?
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 1010
Per Day: 5050
Schedule: ——S
Objectives: Logic 7, Wellness 7

SFL Head Coach
It’s go time. You were a highly valued assistant coach and well-regarded defensive mind before the owner had his hissy and fired the top guy. Now it’s your time to show them what you can do! Run practices, recruit players and call the plays during games that will make Del Sol Valley great again. You tasted the life of a Sim Bowl winner before and you want it again!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 1991
Per Day: 9955
Schedule: ——S
Objectives: Logic 8, Wellness 8

Championship Dynasty Coach
Few coaches in the history of football have been as intimidating, polarizing and utterly successful as YOU! In all, more than 480 men have been head coaches in the SFL. Most haven’t lasted long. In a league that churns through coaches like Elizabeth Taylor through husbands, a select few have enjoyed successful careers spanning more than a decade. You let your team, and your commitment do the talking. Pretty much everyone else hates your guts, but Del Sol Valley thanks you.
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 6684
Per Day: 20052
Schedule: M——
Objectives: Logic 10, Wellness 10

Track 2: SFL General Manager
An SFL general manager is responsible for player contract negotiations. Typically, the general manager also supervises the operations of the coaching staff, which includes the power to hire and fire coaches and coaching assistants. It’s a life full of stress, meetings and agonizing calls but the Stars are worth it and your innate talent for the game could take you far.

Assistant Director of Scouting
We had to say it didn’t we? What an epic SACK! The highlight reel of your career ending injury went viral. Bones really shouldn’t stick out like that (or knees bend in that direction for that matter). Anyone can armchair quarterback game, and anyone can be right about a few fantasy picks, but having success as a scout is more difficult than people think. Do you have the eye for talent over the long haul? Start with finding your replacement.
Mood: Focused
PTO: .33
Hourly: 240
Per Day: 1920
Schedule: MTWTF–
Objectives: Logic 3, Charisma 6

Director of Player Personnel
Player evaluation, sometimes called scouting, is a central part of a director of player personnel’s job. He must pull together all the information on a player, including input from team scouts and coaches, recruiting services and other sources, to present to the general manager and head coach. You had an amazing run as a scout but keeping a whole team running is a whole new level of challenge. Use those instincts and study up on compliance to keep moving up in the front office!
Mood: Focused
PTO: .33
Hourly: 386
Per Day: 2316
Schedule: MTWTF–
Objectives: Logic 5

Assistant General Manager
You definitely have a proven knowledge of the game. But, there’s no draft for General Manager and connections won’t cut it. You need to prove to the GM and the owner that you can make good decisions at a very high level before anyone will put all the control in your hands. Keep all of those (foot) balls in the air and help keep the Stars winning championships. Your dream job is so CLOSE!
Mood: Focused
PTO: .33
Hourly: 961
Per Day: 6727
Schedule: MTWTF–
Objectives: Logic 7, Charisma 7

SFL General Manager
SFL General Managers must wear numerous hats. First, GMs are responsible for overseeing all the business and financial operations of the team. Most have an important role in public relations as the face of the team. Many GMs also have significant roles in player personnel decisions, including drafting, handling free agents and contracts. You’re the captain of the ship now. There’s nowhere else to go… or is there?
Mood: Focused
PTO: .33
Hourly: 1365
Per Day: 8190
Schedule: MTWTF–
Objectives: Logic 9

President of Sports Franchises
Congratulations team President! You’re now the CEO of the Stars’ franchise. Your job now is to make money for the company. Period. The main way you’ll do this is to fill those seats for every game. Along with selling tickets, you make sure every other money-making opportunity is exploited: concessions; box suites; season tickets; corporate events; souvenirs; broadcast rights and licensing fees. Working your way up to the top meant knowing the sport inside and out, but even more than that it meant being the best business person in Del Sol Valley… Maybe you should take a day off occasionally.
Mood: Focused
PTO: .33
Hourly: 3021
Per Day: 18126
Schedule: MTWTF–
Objectives: Logic 10, Charisma 8

Track 3: CSPN SFL Commentator
Sports broadcasters work as analysts or play-by-play announcers for sports networks or specific teams. Their duties may include presenting news, calling games, and interviewing players. Work might be stressful, with tight schedules and deadlines being the norm for these professionals. But play your cards right and you’ll be hearing those magic notes; “Duh-duh-dunt! Duh-duh-dunt!” from the right side of the CSPN sports desk.

CSPN Guest Commentator
We had to say it didn’t we? What an epic SACK! The highlight reel of your career ending injury went viral. Bones really shouldn’t stick out like that (or knees bend in that direction for that matter). Time to trade on your fame. CSPN comes calling and you land your first post injury gig as a celebrity guest commentator. You’ll have to show them you’re more than just a handsome face who can wear a suit and string a couple of words together. Your talents extend beyond the gridiron (and it’s a good thing they do). Time to parley this limited job into a profitable career!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 676
Per Day: 2028
Schedule: M—T–S
Objectives: Charisma 7

CSPN Play-by-Play Commentator
A sports play-by-play announcer gives a running commentary of a game in real time. You have to have a referee level of football knowledge and enough wit to keep it interesting without being annoying. But man does it suck being on the sidelines and that close to the thrill of the sport with nothing to show for it but field-side windburn. Study up on those football plays and keep your eye on the next prize… Sideline reporter.
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 1442
Per Day: 7210
Schedule: M—T–S
Objectives: Charisma 8, Logic 4

CSPN Sideline Reporter
“Let’s go to the third member of our team today. . .”

It’s a “throw” like that, from the studio reporter that has become a staple of game coverage on CSPN and throughout the industry. You’re a welcome face on the Del Sol Valley side-lines, and your knowledge and game cred are respected throughout the industry. Do you have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to go beyond Del Sol Valley? Can you take your skills nationwide to get to the platform as a Game Analyst?
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 1952
Per Day: 9760
Schedule: M—T–S
Objectives: Logic 6

CSPN Game Analyst
You’re one of the best commentators in sports. You’re respected and admired, and for good reason. Your work-ethic and your passion for the SFL are second-to-none. Now you’ll be able to share all of your knowledge from the booth with SFL fans on a regular basis. The good ones provide insight, analysis, background information and humor and help us understand and enjoy the game. You aim to be the best, so you can land your own show!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 2884
Per Day: 14420
Schedule: M—T–S
Objectives: Charisma 9, Logic 7, Comedy 4

CSPN Prime-Time Studio Analyst
The SFL is all about the players. From the days of Tarkenson and Bradshaw, to the era of Aikman, Marino and Farve, to more modern legends of Brees, Manning and the unstoppable Tom Brady. The players make the news… not the commentators.

But you? You’re practically a brand! You’ve certainly had a longer career. Is it possible that you’re more important to the game of football as a studio analyst than you were as a Hall of Fame player? Your award-winning SFL video game franchise and your paycheck certainly think so!
Mood: Energized
PTO: .33
Hourly: 4884
Per Day: 24420
Schedule: M—T–S
Objectives: Charisma 10, Logic 8, Comedy 7

Career cheat is tested and working!
testingcheats on
And then:
careers.promote career_Adult_UltimateSFLPlayer

This is mostly based on Ultimate SBA Baller to give the football fans some love, but otherwise I did not in ANY way base this on any other career.
It’s 100% my own creation and a LOT of work went into it. So…

Thank you so much in advance if you decide to try Ultimate SFL Player. I hope your Sim enjoys living ALL their pro football dreams.

Basic Download and Install Instructions:
1. Download: Click the File tab to see the download link. Click the link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.
2. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s).
3. Cut and paste the file(s) into your Mods folder
Windows XP: Documents and Settings(Current User Account)My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users(Current User Account)DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods
Need more information?
Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
If you don’t have a Mods folder, just make one.


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