Child Aspirations Set Mod

Child Aspirations Set Mod

What is it?
This set contains 4 different aspirations for your child sims: Perfect Angel, Little Einstien, Delinquent, and Child Star. Each aspiration seeks to utilize interactions added by various packs to give you new goals to accomplish with your sims. Fulfilling these aspirations will provide your sim with a custom reward trait that will boost their skill and career gains, among other benefits.

This aspiration set requires Parenthood to function properly. Additionally, the Child Star aspiration requires Get Famous and the Little Einstien aspiration requires Get to Work. Each aspiration can be downloaded individually, but if you intend to download the merged set make sure that you have all three of those packs or the aspirations will not function properly.

These aspirations should be fully compatible with the latest patch.

An Important Note:
While I have tested these aspirations extensively it is still possible that I missed something. Please be sure to let me know if you run into any problems!

Perfect Angel: These sims want to be perfect children for their parents.

Loving Child
– Hug Family Members (10 Times) – 50 pts.
– Set the Table (20 Spots) – 50 pts.
– Become Best Friends with a Parent – 50 pts.

Kind-Hearted Helper
– Clean Up (10 Times) – 100 pts.
– Help Fix Bad Reationships Five Times – 150 pts.
– Do Extra Credit Work (5 Times) – 175 pts.

Favorite Child
– Volunteer with a Parent (5 Times) – 200 pts.
– Achieve a Grade of “A” at School – 250 pts.
– Journal about Emotions (5 Times) – 250 pts.

Reward Trait: Angelic
Angelic sims are naturally kind and good and will see faster charisma, parenting, reputation, and character value gains. These sims make particularly good students, babysitters, educators, and activists.

– Boosted skill gain in charisma and parenting
– Boosted positive character value gain
– Boosted career gain in grade school, high school, babysitting, activist, and education careers
– Trait related whims and autonomy

Little Einstein: Little Einstein sims seek to strengthen their minds through school, books, experimenting, and chess.

Inquiring Mind
– Achieve Mental Skill 3 – 75 pts.
– Experiment at Chemistry Table for Three Hours – 50 pts.
– Finish Reading Three Books – 50 pts.

– Comlete Extra Credit 3 Time – 175 pts.
– Win 3 Games of Chess – 175 pts.
– Complete 3 School Projects – 175 pts.
– Craft Health Potions (5 Times) – 175 pts.

– Achieve a Grade of “A” at School – 200 pts.
– Achieve Level 10 of the Mental Skill – 250 pts.
– Craft Emotion Potions (3 Times) – 140 pts.
– Craft Stink Drinks (2 Times) – 140 pts.

Reward Trait: Smarty Pants
These child prodigies have honed their minds to sheer perfection. Their love of learning means that they will gain logic, science, and technology skills faster than others. They will also have increased success in science and technology careers.

– Boosted skill gain in programing, logic/u], [u]handiness, and rocket science
– Boosted career gain in Astronaut, tech guru, freelance programmer, scientist, and doctor careers
– Trait related whims and autonomy

Delinquent: These sims want to do what the want when they want, and they are not about to conform to anyone’s rules.

Mischief Maker
– Achieve Level 3 Social Skill – 75 pts.
– Troll teh Forums for Three Hours – 50 pts.
– Become Partner in Crime – 75 pts.

– Argue about School/Rules Ten Times – 175 pts.
– Be Mischievous Ten Times – 100 pts.
– Play Five Pranks on the School – 150 pts.

Pintsized Terror
– Pick a Fight Five Times – 150 pts.
– Achieve Level 10 of the Social Skill – 250 pts.
– Have Two Declared Enemies – 250 pts.

Reward Trait: Juvenile Delinquent
These sims have been committing crimes since they were in diapers. They will have more success with mischief interactions and have improved performance in the criminal career.

– Boosted skill gain in mischief
– Boosted career gain in criminal career
– Trait related whims and autonomy

Child Star: This sim lives for the applause and the spotlight.

– Join the Drama Club – 50 pts.
– Practice Acting for Three Hours – 50 pts.
– Achieve Level 3 Creativity Skill – 75 pts.

– Get promoted to Line Learner in Drama Club – 150 pts.
– Achieve Level Ten of Creativity Skill – 175 pts.
– Become a One Star Celebrity – 175 pts.

– Get promoted to Junior Artiste in the Drama Club – 250 pts.
– Achieve Level 10 of the Social Skill – 250 pts.
– Become a Two-Star Celebrity – 250 pts.

Reward Trait: Child Celebrity
Because these sims were so well known as children they will have an easier time building fame as adults. Their dedication to the art of performance has given them an advantage in the actor, entertainer, social media, and style influencer careers, and they develop acting, charisma, and media production skills more quickly.

– Boosted skill gain in social, acting, and media production
– Boosted career gain in entertainer, actor, style influencer, and social media careers
– Boosted fame gain
– Trait related whims and autonomy


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