Helaene – Emotional Socials Mod

Helaene – Emotional Socials Mod

This mod adds 60+ new social interactions which are dependent on your Sim’s emotional state.

As this is a script mod, you must enable script mods in your game options, and both files must be nested no more than one folder level inside your Mods folder.

All new social interactions are contained in new category pie menus, not within the traditional categories, for ease of finding. Many interactions are also available autonomously, so that you see a bit more flavor from your Sim’s interactions whether you’re actively playing them or not – though I’ve limited ones that have significant impact to not be performed autonomously. Most interactions are available to Child and older Sims, but some are limited to other age groups as appropriate.

(none are autonomous)

Lash Out Angrily (Mean)
Decreases: Friendship, Reputation, Emotional Control
Reveals Traits: Childish, Evil, Hot-Headed, Mean, Wild

Blame for Problems (Mean)
Decreases: Friendship, Reputation, Empathy
Reveals Traits: Self-Absorbed, Jealous, Hates Children, Paranoid

Accuse of Being Unsympathetic (Mean)
Decreases: Friendship, Conflict Resolution
Reveals Traits: Childish, Hot-Headed, Self-Absorbed, Jealous, Gloomy
Target Buff: Aghast (+1 Angry for 2 hours)

Gripe about Feeling Wronged
Decreases: Conflict Resolution
Reveals Traits: Childish, Hot-Headed, Self-Absorbed, Jealous, Gloomy

Complain about Everyone and Everything
Decreases: Emotional Control
Reveals Traits: Evil, Hot-Headed, Gloomy, Loner, Mean, Snob

Suggest Having a Little Fun (Romantic)
Autonomous: No
Requirements: Not Unflirty
Increases: Romance
Reveals Traits: Romantic, Self-Assured
Target Buff: Oh My… (+2 Flirty for 2 hours)

Discuss Potential New Hobbies
Increases: Friendship

Ask for Tips to Reduce Boredom
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship, Emotional Control
Decreases: Boredom

Whine about Feeling Bored

Boast about Skills
Reveals Traits: Self-Assured

Boast about Accomplishments
Reveals Traits: Ambitious

Boost Confidence
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship, Empathy
Target Buff: Feeling Better about Myself (+1 Confident for 8 hours)

Boast about Romantic Relationship
Requirements: Not Unflirty or Loner, has a healthy romantic relationship
Reveals Traits: Romantic, Self-Assured, Self-Involved, Unflirty, Loner
Decreases: Friendship, only if it fails

Ask Where You Are
Increases: Friendship

Wonder How You Got Here

Admit Confusion

Tell Story about Wild Night (Story)
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Bro, Dance Machine

(Requirements: Not Self-Assured)

Awkward Introduction
Reveals Traits: Loner, Clumsy, Geek
Increases: Friendship
Bemoan Awkwardness
Reveals Traits: Loner, Clumsy, Geek, Gloomy, Childish, Slob
Increases: Friendship

Obsess about Embarrassing Incident
Reveals Traits: Loner, Clumsy, Slob, Squeamish, Paranoid

Enthusiastic Introduction
Increases: Friendship, Manners
Reveals Traits: Ambitious, Active, Wild

Reminisce about Active Pursuits (Story)
Autonomous: No
Requirements: Fitness +3
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Active, Bro, Dance Machine, Loves Outdoors

Joke about Running a Marathon (Funny)
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship

Challenge to Practice Fight
Autonomous: No
Increases: Fitness, Friendship
(they do actually fight, with no negative impact)

Suggest Activity to Release Pent-Up Energy (Romantic)
Requirements: Not Unflirty, Ages YA or A
Autonomous: No
Increases: Romance
Reveals Traits: Romantic

Rave about Caffeine
Requirements: active Coffee or Tea buff
Increases: Friendship

Requirements: adheres to default Romantic limitations (ages, etc) and not Unflirty
None are autonomous
All increase Romance and reveal Romantic trait

Admire Body
Target Buff: Flattery Will Get You Everywhere… (+1 Flirty for 2 hours)

Admire Walk Style
Target Buff: Hot to Trot (+1 Confident for 2 hours)

Reminisce about Romantic Liaison
Requirements: have had Woohoo together

Joke about ‘Innuendo’ (Funny)
Reveals Traits: Romantic, Goofball

Recite Bawdy Limerick (Funny)
Reveals Traits: Romantic, Goofball

Scold for Distracting (Mean)
Autonomous: No
Decreases: Friendship, Empathy
Reveals Traits: Hot-Headed, Mean, Self-Absorbed, Hates Children
Target Buff: How Dare They? (+1 Angry for 2 hours)

Boast about Productivity
Reveals Traits: Ambitious, Perfectionist, Self-Absorbed, Snob
Increases: Friendship

Enthuse about Flow State
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Genius, Bookworm, Geek

Requirements: Not Gloomy
Reveals Traits: Cheerful
Increases: Friendship

Express Joy
Target Buff: Spreadin’ Sunshine (+1 Happy for 2 hours)

Enthuse about Feeling Great
Target Buff: 20% chance of Envious of Enthusiasm (+1 Angry for 1 hour)

Comment on Beautiful Day

Increases: Friendship

Inspired Introduction
Increases: Friendship, Reputation, Manners
Reveals Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Art Lover
Target Buff: So Inspirational (+1 Inspired for 1 hour)

Express Impatience to Create
Autonomous: No
Reveals Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Art Lover
Decreases: Emotional Control

Get Feedback on New Idea
Target Buff: Flattered (+1 Happy for 1 hour)

Revel in Creative Mindset
Reveals Traits: Creative

Thank for being Muse
Autonomous: No
Requirements: Friendship 50+
Increases: Friendship, Empathy
Target Buff: A-mused and Delighted (+2 Happy for 8 hours)

Discuss New Recipe Idea
Requirements: Cooking 4+
Increases: Cooking skill
Reveals Traits: Foodie, Vegetarian, Culinary Arts degree

Discuss Concept for New Painting
Requirements: Painting 4+
Increases: Painting skill
Reveals Traits: Creative, Art Lover, Art degree

Discuss Idea for New Book
Requirements: Writing 4+
Increases: Writing skill
Reveals Traits: Bookworm, Creative, Fine Art or Communications degree

Increases: Friendship

Supply Fun Fact
Reveals Traits: Bookworm, Geek, Goofball
Target Buff: Wow – I did not know that! (+1 Happy for 1 hour)

Tell Whimsical Story
Autonomous: No
Requirements: Not Evil, Gloomy, Snob
Reveals Traits: Childish, Creative, Silly

Requirements: Not Cheerful
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Gloomy

Glum Introduction
Talk about Feeling Depressed
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship, Happiness

Tell Sad Story
Autonomous: No
Target Buff: What a Sad Story! (+1 Sad for 1 hour)

Lament Loneliness
Requirements: low Social motive

Complain about Feeling Burnt Out
Increases: Friendship

Ask for Tips to Reduce Stress
Autonomous: No
Requirements: Target Teen+, Friendship 10+
Increases: Friendship, Emotional Control

Be Snippy from Stress (Mean)
Autonomous: No
Decreases: Friendship, Emotional Control
Reveals Traits: Hot-Headed, Mean

Blame for Discomfort (Mean)
Autonomous: No
Decreases: Friendship, Conflict Resolution
Reveals Traits: Childish, Self-Absorbed, Squeamish

Ask to be Comforted
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship, Emotional Control

Joke about Uncomfortable Situation
Autonomous: No
Increases: Friendship, Emotional Control
Reveals Traits: Goofball

Talk about Exhaustion
Requirements: low Energy motive
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Lazy

Excuse Self to Visit Restroom
Requirements: low Bladder motive
Increases: Friendship

Express Need for Food
Requirements: low Hunger motive
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Glutton

Vent about Feeling Grungy
Requirements: low Hygiene motive, not Slob
Increases: Friendship
Reveals Traits: Neat


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