Psychologist Career Mod

Psychologist Career Mod

Your advisory teacher from High School talked to you about this course once, he said you had a natural talent with people and that you might enjoy studying a bit more about them. It was a very touching conversation that made becoming a Psychologist one of your dreams.. but you got a scholarship to attend this well-known school and you are so happy but! Now there’s so many options! You never knew Psychology had so many areas to explore!

14/06/2018 Added Chinese translation to the mod v4 (cr: zquad-fz) Thank you!!
06/06/2018 Added Russian translation to the mod v5 (cr: Darsi_rus) Thank you!!
26/06/2018 Updated for Seasons EP

Hello! Here I am again with a new career! I have been interested in Psychology ever since high school and this career was really fun to make! I ended up putting my love for Psychology all over this career.. it’s very obvious in the descriptions I think.. sowwy!

Anyway.. I’m quite happy with this career! I researched a bit so that the career could include all sorts of tasks/jobs that I was always really curious about and I tried to make it as realistic as possible, but ofc expect one or two things that don’t fit quite right.

Your sim will start as a Psychology scholarship student, with the first four levels being classes on a few different areas of Psychology that will result on a Internship on Psychology and Social Services. After that your sim will be able to select one of two branches: Counseling Psychology or Forensic Psychologist.

The career is enabled for teens, the first 4 levels are very school-friendly with work hours starting after school (all at 4PM). However, I would recommend you make a huge birthday party for your sim (age him/her to young adult) before the “Internship” promotion hits because after that the schedules overlap and you’ll end up missing school (or work if you go to school). I tested it a bit with a few different schedules before I just decided to not care about it anymore.. I noticed that skipping school hits the grades really hard!

This career mod was created and tested with

You are required to have Spa Day game pack because of the Wellness skill.

You’ll need to put all files from the zip in your mods folder, except the “Neia_Careers_Commons.package” if you already have it.

I hope you enjoy playing with your Psychologist Sims!

Track 1 – Psychologist

Psychology Student
3$/h, 16-22PM, 0.20 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Logic 2 Writing 2
This introductory course familiarizes students with basic psychological concepts and theories to understand how people behave. You’ll be analyzing and interpreting how people change socially, emotionally, and cognitively at various stages in their lives.

Biological Psychology Student
3$/h, 16-22PM, 0.20 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Logic 3 Wellness 2
This course looks at the relationship between our brains and our behaviors, including emotions, language, and memory. Wow! Would you look at that.. it seems like your brain does play a huge part in all those insane emotions that you go through time after time!

Cognitive Psychology Student
3$/h, 16-22PM, 0.20 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Logic 4
In this course you will explore mental processes, including not only how people think, but also how they perceive the world, remember things, and process new information. Maybe you’ll be able to play labrat to some of the interns in the program too!

Social Psychology Student
3$/h, 16-22PM, 0.20 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Logic 5 Charisma 2
This time we will look at how humans behave based on the context of their particular surroundings, including analyzing how perception, prejudice and gender roles influence their behavior. If you think this will be easy.. you are very, very wrong.

Internship on Psychology and Social Services
17$/h, 9AM-5PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Energized
Skills: Charisma 3 Fitness 2 Cooking 2 Handiness 2
After exploring a bit of all that Psychology has to offer.. you are an intern! You will be shadowing professional mentors through counseling or therapy sessions. Some of your tasks might include writing boring behavioral management plans, developing insane but totally successful counseling skills, and improving our own research skills. Finally some real hands-on experience! Enjoy it!

Track 2 – Counseling Psychologist

That internship was just the beginning of a very long road you will follow to become a true Psychologist. You decided on a specialty within professional psychology that focus on a variety of different emotional, behavioral, and social problems or disorders. You’ll be treating all sorts of people with emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concerns.

Substance Abuse Counselor
80$/h, 9AM-5PM, 0.20 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Charisma 4 Cooking 2
Professionals in this career work with individuals struggling with addiction, with the ultimate goal of helping patients break those behaviors so they can lead fulfilling lives!

Marriage And Family Therapist
100$/h, 10AM-6PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: Charisma 5 Cooking 3
You will be using both psychotherapy and family systems to help your patients overcome their struggles. You will diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders occurring within families and help individuals attain long-term wellbeing within their relationships. it’s a very stressful job, but someone has to do it!

School Psychologist
142$/h, 8AM-4PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Energized
Skills: Wellness 3 Comedy 2
School psychologists work in a school setting with parents, teachers, and students of all ages to correct behavioral and emotional issues… and this is what you’ll be doing! Work hard on improving not only students’ mental health but also their academic performance.

Child Therapist
183$/h, 9AM-5PM, 0.28 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Charisma 6 Logic 6 Comedy 3 Mischief 2
You’ll be helping children that are experiencing a different range of emotional and developmental issues. Each session has to be carefully planned so that you’ll not put to risk any progress you might have made with the child already. As they say kids see and understand the world differently than adults, so you’ll have to let your inner child come out to play!

229$/h, 6AM-12PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T – – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Logic 5 Handiness 4 Wellness 4
The majority of neuropsychologists engage in research, studying the human brain and how its physiological state affects human cognition and behavior. You have been employed by one of the most important health care facilities in Windenburg. Much of your research will aim to improve the diagnosis and treatment of currently known neurological disorders. But with some luck you just might have the chance to treat some patients suffering from brain injuries, neurodegenerative disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders. During your internship you learned that patients with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are particularly hard to treat, and that’s exactly why you decided to pursue Neuropsychology with hopes that your research might help in finding new potential treatments.

Pediatric Neuropsychologist
232$/h, 11AM-6PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M – W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Playful
Skills: Charisma 7 Comedy 4 Mischief 4
You needed a break from your work at the Neuropsychology Department so you decided to apply for a position as a Pediatric Neuropsychologist. Your focus from now on is set on treatments and studies on the brains and nervous systems of children. Your tasks include treating children with brain injuries and conducting research that examines how the brains of children change as the child grows and learns; as you continue working with the children, you become aware that this could soon become a very tough job if you become too attached to your small patients.

245$/h, 9AM-5PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Confident
Skills: Writing 4 Wellness 5 Logic 7
Psychiatrists use a variety of methods to help patients under their care, including medications, psychotherapy, individual or group counseling, psychoanalysis, and even hospitalization for those situations that call for more intense intervention. You will be working closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure care for the entire person, both the mind and the body, not just for mental illness issues. Get your prescription notepad ready because you are going to be using it a lot!

278$/h, 10AM-18PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: Writing 6 Logic 9 Charisma 9
Psycholinguists study how people acquire, create, and understand language. It’s a different job from what you are used to but you find it intriguing enough to accept the job offer. You will be working as a Researcher at Brindleton Bay University, but because of all your training and certifications, you may also work as a speech therapist with rehabilitation centers, schools and hospitals.

Psychology Professor
395$/h, 9AM-3PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: None
You have had an extensive educational background in the field, some research studies and books to your name and enough general knowledge to teach a wide variety of courses to students. From now on you will be spending each day teaching students in a classroom, working with graduate student researchers and helping them complete their own research projects. You will help students understand that to have a successful career in this field you must have a broad understanding of all that is Psychology. You are a master now and you’ll be shaping the future!

Track 3 – Forensic Psychologist

A forensic psychologist studies and analyzes research from other professionals, as well as conduct their own research. You will study criminals and their crimes to determine what makes them tick and eventually also collaborate with judges, lawyers and other court officers to facilitate the administration of justice and courtroom proceedings. You will be the one they call when they need help explaining psychological concepts of a neurological nature to members of the courtroom so that the problems can be better understood. Expect lots of work, high pay and little recognition!

Experimental Studies Neuropsychologist
72$/h, 8AM-4PM, 0.20 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: Logic 6 Wellness 3
From now on you will engage in research to better understand, identify and treat neurological conditions and processes. This research will include the study of healthy brains, to better understand how the brain works, and unhealthy brains, to better understand the causes of certain problems and figure out ways to treat those problems. Please be careful not to develop a weird taste for brains.. because we really don’t need a zombie Psychologist walking around the hospital!

Academic Researcher
88$/h, 12PM-8PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T – – F S –
Ideal Mood: Inspired
Skills: Writing 4 Logic 7 Handiness 3
This job is just one step better than your previous one. As an Academic forensic psychologist you will engage in teaching, researching, training, and supervision of students at colleges and universities, research institutes, government or private agencies, and mental health agencies. Your main focus is research, but it’s not unusual for for you to have to take on any of the other positions of forensic psychologists. Researchers test hypotheses empirically and apply the research on issues related to psychology and the law. You will be conducting research on mental health laws and policy evaluations. This might just be your chance to put your name out there! So work hard and don’t let yourself get distracted by the cute college students!

Criminal psychologist
132$/h, 9AM-5PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Confident
Skills: Charisma 4 Handiness 4 Logic 8
As you enter Oasis Springs National Prison you have your licence on hand and a huge energetic smile on your face! As a criminal psychologist you will focus on studying the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of criminals. This can be a very dangerous job, so you have to always be with your guard up. You will conduct court-ordered psychological assessments and court-ordered psychotherapy on criminals. You could have just chosen to continue your job as researcher at the university, it was simple and easy, but you feel like you can do so much more!

Consultant to Law Enforcement
200$/h, 10AM-3PM, 0.28 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Confident
Skills: Writing 5 Charisma 6
You are now working in collaboration with the police force and you are the one responsible for assisting law enforcement personnel. Some of your new duties as a law enforcement psychologist include development of police training programs and stress management by referral of departmental personnel for specialized treatment and counseling. You are trained to help with crisis intervention, including post-trauma and suicide. So keep your head clear and remember that everything talked behind closed doors is confident so be sure to keep it that way!

Expert Witness
250$/h, 10AM-3PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W – – –
Ideal Mood: Fine
Skills: Charisma 7
Unlike fact witnesses, who are limited to testifying about what they know or have observed, expert witnesses have the ability to express opinion because, as their name suggests, they possess specialized knowledge in a certain topic. You will be called upon to testify on matters of mental health (clinical expertise) or other areas of expertise such as social, experimental, cognitive, or developmental. In your spare time you might continue your research, as well as some of your work as a criminal psychologist.

Professional Child Custody Evaluator
278$/h, 12PM-6PM, 0.25 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Focused
Skills: Charisma 8 Wellness 4 Logic 9
In divorce or paternity cases you are expected to be a neutral examiner who tries to determine the best interests of the child through interviewing, psychological testing and home visits. You will be investigating into a child’s home, family environment, and background, and other circumstances that might determine child custody and access during contested divorce proceedings. Remember to always keep some lollipops in your pocket.. because some children really need all the sweetness they can get. Good luck!

Criminal Profiler
295$/h, 8AM-2PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Energized
Skills: Logic 10
A career as a criminal profiler can be a tremendously fascinating and intellectually stimulating pursuit. You will be pursuing all kind of brilliant but deranged criminals and if called upon you might also sometimes assist FBI agents on major cases. You will be the one connecting the dots and with that you will be able to link a suspect’s behaviors and actions to his thought patterns and motives.

Corrections Officer
300$/h, 6AM-2PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Fine
Skills: Fitness 4 Charisma 10 Wellness 5 Handiness 5
You are back to Oasis Springs National Prison but this time your job is to ensure the safety of personnel, visitors and the inmates they supervise. You will have to regularly inspect the cells or living quarters of inmates, and try to keep the peace among them. Be careful not to drop the soap and never bend without looking behind you first!

Private Forensic Psychologist
350$/h, 10AM-18PM, 0.30 PTO
Work Days: M T W T F – –
Ideal Mood: Happy
Skills: None
Your work through the years has been at times both physically and mentally exhausting. However, you had a passion for studying how the mind works, especially in relation to criminal justice. You worked often with people in extreme emotional states in the area of parenting, and you had some difficult court matters that forced you to take your research into more fenomenal foreign universities so that you could provide the best possible testimony in court. You worked hard to find a career in forensic psychology that could be both challenging and satisfying and you were able to accomplish that. You believe you are still fascinated with how the mind works, that you can still bring in new ideas and perspectives to the forensic psychology field and that’s why you want to prolong your career for as long as you can. Which is why you now have your own private practice. Every day all type of people come to you, old friends from the universities and police stations were you worked at, but also a different variety of people from the general public and even from the government. You work at your own time now and you love it!

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