The Arrogant Trait Mod

The Arrogant Trait Mod

The arrogant trait is like an improved version of the “self absorbed” trait. It’s in the social category of create-a-sim and it lets your sim only really care about themselves.

-“I’m Better” buff appears when your arrogant sim is being mean to another sim.
-“Ew, Unemployed Sims” buff appears when your arrogant sim is around a sim without a career. (School counts as a career). It goes away as soon as the unemployed sim leaves,
-Every 6 hours there’s a 80% chance for either the confident “I’m The Best!” buff to appear or the happy one.
-“I’m Gorgeous!” buff appears after your sim practices acting in the mirror or takes any kind of shower.
-“Narcissism Alert!” buff appears on sims around arrogant sims. It goes away as soon as the sim leaves.

I forgot to include whims. That’s all in this trait.

Arrogant sims think they are the best of the best and will get uncomfortable around unemployed sims. They will autonomously admire themselves in the mirror and they enjoy being rude to other people. The sims around arrogant people will always feel tense. When arrogant sims practice acting in the mirror or take a shower they will become confident.

Young Adult

Just Kizzy

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